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Home of the 62nd " Golden Grizzly's "

Virtual Air Combat Squadron

62nd Golden Grizzly's Virtual Air Combat Squadron
" Shadow's On The Horizon "

 If you have Longbow 2, or Falcon 4.0...please contact me
 and I will try and put you on the squadron contact list.

*** To View the Contact List which includes the pilot's ***
       ICQ # and their E-Mail Address...

Click on the RAH-66 Commanche Below

---------------->Longbow 2 Contact List<----------------

 *** Falcon 4  Contact list is here ***

-----------------> Falcon 4 Contact List <-----------------

 You can e-mail me at  :

Longbow 2 Screen Shots
Longbow 2 Screen Shot's are here.
Most include : Night, Day, Dawn/Dusk mission pictures... also some P.N.V.S  pictures and shots of Hellfires, Stingers, Enemies and some serious ass kicking's.

Falcon 4.0 Sceen shots
Falcon 4.0  Screen Shot's are here.
Most include : Night and Day mission pictures...Also some Weapon and Enemy pictures and some crap that has been blown up.

Actual Wartime Pictures
Actual Wartime Pictures of Assortedare here.
Most include : Longbow Apache's, F-16's, and many pictures of Weapons : including the Gbu-24, Hellfire, and the Aim-9  Sidewinder.

Links to Sites and Sounds
Want Links to sites and sounds ??...But you too lazy too look for them, or you find one's that suck ??...Well, take a peek at my links & sound page.

 Want to learn how to be a pilot ??...Click on the Warning Icon
Click Here To Learn How To Be A Pilot

This Is Our Logo

***** All Images are made by me, Mustang. If you or anyone you know would like to use them, please E-Mail *****
me or contact me on ICQ .(  19554501  ). We could easily work something out.  ** DO NOT **  link any of my files to your pages, it will slow down your site as well as mine. If you do use any of these images or files without my knowledge, I will find them and there will be hell to pay. I can also make images for you, if you would like, just specify what kind of image and I will try to make you one.
If I have breached anyone's Copyright  on this page, please contact me and I will remove them right away.

                                                                                                                                                                   Mustang   /99

Longbow 2 is a registered product of Janes ® and EA ®...if you don't believe me, than talk to them at .

Falcon 4.0 is a registered product of Microprose ®. (  )
      I have no affiliation with either company...although, I wish I did { $$$ }.

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