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This page is of my Grandmother's descendants.


                                        Generation   No.  1

    William Jasper Cook , bate of birth unknown.  He married Rhoda Crawford in 1850, place unknown. William's date of death unknown. Rhoda was born in 1829 in  Bledsoe County, Tenn. She died feb. 6, 1909 in Barry County, Tenn. Children :  William Jasper Cook.


                                           Generation   No. 2

i.       William Jasper Cook , date of birth unknown, he was born in Illinois. He married Jemima Elizabeth Cooley, no dates. Children : Jeffie Cook; Jessie Cook.


                                            Generation   No. 3

i.           Jeffie Cook was born jan. 4, 1888 in Missouri. He married Ora Lee Boddy aug. 21, 1910 in Wilburton, Oklahoma.He was a twin to Jessie Cook. He died jan. 3, 1958 in Wilburton, Oklahoma. Ora was born dec. 23, 1893 in Coalgate, Oklahoma. She died sept. 18, 1983 in  McCalester, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Waitman Boddy and Sarah Elizabeth Sneed. Children : Elsie LaVerne Cook; Everett Cook; Valla Elaine Cook; Wanda Cook.

ii.          Jessie Cook was born jan. 4, 1888 in Missouri.


                                            Generation   No. 4

i.          Elsie LaVerne Cook was born june 27, 1915 in                       Wilburton, Oklahoma. She married Anthum E. Canter oct. 1936 in Ada, Oklahoma. She died dec. 17, 1971 in Mt.Vernon, Illinois. Anthum was born aug. 7, 1912 in Antoine, Arkansas, Pike Co., he died sept. 28, 1974 in Mt.Vernon, Illinois. Children : Shirley Doris Canter; YuVonne Jeanette Canter.

ii.         Everett Cook was born july 23, 1911 in Wilburton, Oklahoma. He married Nancy Baker, no dates. he died in Wilburton, Oklahoma, no dates. Children : Karla Cook; Keith Cook; Kenneth Cook.

iii.        Valla Elaine Cook was born nov. 26, 1921 in Wilburton, Oklahoma. She married John L. White. She died in 1996 in Wilburton, Oklahoma. Chidren : Shelly White (adopted).

iv.       Wanda Cook was born feb. 19, 1927 in Wilburton, Oklahoma. She married Stewart G. Fauhl. Children : Allen Fauhl.









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