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NETFO field trip on Caddo Lake July 17, 1999:  



NETFOCanoeTrip17Jul99.jpg (34306 bytes)    Vera,MikeC-CanoeTrip.jpg (33634 bytes)    DBoney-CaddoFieldTrip.jpg (50188 bytes)    Harve&Moj.jpg (26982 bytes)

Cindy Carlson, Lee Baker, Candy Troop and Lisa Evers are getting underway early on the morning of July 17, 1999.  Vera Garlough videotapes the scenery while Mike Childress tries not to rock the boat.  Dan Boney is clearly working hard here to keep up, while Bob Metzler and Harve Truskett search for another lifer.  Photos 1 and 2 by Bob Metzler.  Photos 3 and 4 by Mike Childress. 



1998 & 1999 NETFO Team Eastman in Great Texas Birding Classic:  



GTBCMidCoast.jpg (32477 bytes)    GTBCUpperCoast.jpg (44840 bytes)    NETFO LwrCoastTeam1999jpg.jpg (34240 bytes)    NETFO Raptors2jpg.jpg (27556 bytes)


(Left to right) 1998 Middle Coast Team about dawn: David Brotherton, Eddie Ray, David Weaver, Bob Metzler.  1998 Upper Coast Team studying the shorebirds and a vagrant noddy at Bolivar Flats:  Guy Luneau, Tony Messina, Bob Metzler, David Brotherton.  1999 Lower Coast Team gathering for the awards banquet at the South Padre Island Convention Center:  Peggy Harding, Barbara Cavin, Luanne Brotherton, David Brotherton.  1999 Roughwing Team scoping Bolivar Flats on the Upper Coast, with a film crew tagging along:  John Brotherton; Troy Messina; cameraman; Sarah Brotherton; Coach and Driver, David Brotherton.  Photos 1, 2 and 4 by Dorothy Metzler; photo 3 by Bob Metzler. 



BlkNoddy@BolivarFlats.jpg (8013 bytes)Interesting vagrants found by '98 & '99 GTBC teams: 



The immature Black Noddy (at right) showed up on Bolivar Flats during the 1998 Classic.  The female Rose-throated Becard (below left) was found at Anzalduas Park near McAllen during the 1999 Classic.  The molting Pacific Loon was in Rockport Harbor during the 1999 Classic.  Noddy photo by Dorothy Metzler; becard and loon photos by Bob Metzler.


Rose-throatedBecard.jpg (22603 bytes)    Pacific Loon at rest Apr99.jpg (12838 bytes)    Pacific,Common Loons Apr99 (jpg).jpg (14310 bytes)    Pacific Loon Apr99 (jpg).jpg (19801 bytes)



Interesting NETFO-area birds of 1998:

BewicksWren2.jpg (19953 bytes)
On November 28, 1998, this handsome Bewick's Wren showed up in Jim Ingold's mist nests near Caddo Lake in Marion County.  
Photo by Dorothy Metzler.

Also in November 1998, this Broad-tailed Hummingbird (below) showed up at Peggy Harding's feeders.  These photos were taken by Peggy shortly after it arrived.  By the time it left in the spring of 1999, it was looking much more like a male Broad-tailed Hummer.  If anyone has photos of it taken in the spring, please let us scan them to post here.

BTHummerNov98PH5.jpg (26471 bytes)    BTHummerNov98PH.jpg (18041 bytes)    BTHummerNov98PH2.jpg (18560 bytes)    BTHummerNov98PH3.jpg (22922 bytes)

ImmGoldenEagle.jpg (7761 bytes)Interesting NETFO-area birds of 1997:

On a crisp autumn day in 1997, at Camp Tyler in Smith County, this immature Golden Eagle flew over a group of awe-struck NETFO-ers. 
Photo by Bob Metzler.


More Photos of Northeast Texas Birds and Birders:

Help us keep these pages fresh and interesting by sharing your recent photos of NETFO birds and birding.  Contact Dorothy Metzler: dmetzler(at)

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