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Photos - Page 2

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Interesting NETFO-area Photos of 2001:



Greater Roadrunner photo by Don Auderer        Greater Roadrunner photo by Don Auderer


This Greater Roadrunner (or its relatives/ancestors) has been seen off and on around Cherokee Trace in White Oak, Gregg County, for the past five years.  Photos by Don Auderer, March 2001.  Click on thumbnail pictures for larger views.

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Bewick's Wren photo by Dorothy Metzler March 2001        Painted Bunting photo by Dorothy Metzler 14-Apr-01        Henslow's Sparrow photo by Dorothy Metzler 03-Feb-01        LeConte's Sparrow photo by Dorothy Metzler 03-Feb-01


Above are a few examples of the birds netted and banded at the Walker Farm near Caddo Lake in Marion County.  More pictures and details are available on the bird banding pages of the CaddoBirds website.  Bewick's Wren, Painted Bunting, Henslow's and Le Conte's Sparrows photographed by Dorothy Metzler.  Click on thumbnail pictures for larger view.


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Interesting NETFO-area Bird Photos of 2000:

LittleWhiteHummer1.jpg (18944 bytes)        LittleWhiteHummerJR.jpg (18688 bytes)

In July, Jim Ryan of Uncertain, Texas, photographed this white hummingbird at his feeder on the shores of Caddo Lake.



HenslowsFaceDJ11Mar00.jpg (3920 bytes)  HenslowsBackDJ11Mar00.jpg (22347 bytes)  HenslowsSparDJ11Mar00.jpg (14652 bytes)    

Dr. James Ingold banded these Henslow's Sparrows on March 11, 2000, at Tom Walker's family farm (in Marion County, west of Caddo Lake).  Photos by Diane Jones.  A photo gallery of these and other Henslow's Sparrows, along with Le Conte's, Grasshopper, and other sparrows banded at the same location, is available at .



BrnHdNuthatch2.jpg (104285 bytes)

BrnHdNuthatchFlying.jpg (208581 bytes)These delightful birds are year-round residents in our East Texas pineywoods, although not many folks are lucky enough to have them as regular visitors to their feeders.  Diane Jones snapped these pictures of Brown-headed Nuthatches at her feeders in January 2000. 



BlackScoter2_MW.jpg (11564 bytes)Interesting NETFO-area birds of 1999:

BlackScoter3_MW.jpg (18001 bytes)
Black Scoter (female) photos taken by David Hurt at Lake Tawakoni, in Rains County, 
on December 29, 1999. 

The Snow Bunting is a very rare visitor in Texas.  This female (below) on a sandbar at Lake Tawakoni, in Rains County, from December 26-29, 1999, was only the fifth for the state and the first for Northeast Texas.  These photos were taken on December 28 by Matt White.


The Cinnamon Teal below (seen with a Green-winged Teal in left photo) was
photographed at Texas Eastman in Harrison County by Eddie Ray (March 1999).





More Photos of Northeast Texas Birds and Birders:

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