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    Tornados are a very devastating weather phenomenon.  Tornados develop in super cell thunderstorms and sometimes in hurricanes.  Waterspouts are tornados that occur over water. Tornados are formed within a thundercloud when the direction of wind varies with height.  This causes a rotation to form in the cloud.  Eventualy the rotation may make it's way down to the surface as a tornado.  A tornado is rated from 0-5 and as weak, strong, or violent.  The scale that determines this is called the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale (see below).

Scale Category Force (mph) Path Length (miles) Path Width (yd/mi) Damage
F0 Weak 0-72 0-1 0-17 yd. Light
F1 Weak 73-112 1-3.1 18-55 yd. Moderate
F2 Strong 113-157 3.2-9.9 56-175 yd. Considerable
F3 Strong 158-206 10-31 176-556 yd. Severe
F4 Violent 207-260 32-99 .34-.9 mi. Devastating
F5 Violent 260-308 100-315 1-3.1 mi. Incredible

              This shows how destructive a tornado can be (left).  This was a F5 tornado that ripped through the small town of Jarrell, TX killing 27 and injuring many more.  This was a waterspout just off the coast of Miami, FL (right) nobody was hurt by this waterspout becuase it never made it to land.