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    For those of you who don't know how to play an RPG on the net, well, it's really simple. The goal is to write a fan fiction by  many different writers. You choose a character and you act as him/her.  

How to play :

    You only have to start or continue a story and send it to everyone in the RPG (including me because I'll be the one posting the stories as they progress) 

The rules :

    You have to pick (or create) a character and you can't change it! (Make sure it's not on the list!)
    You can't have more that one character
    You can't kill another character someone already owns
    You can't make another character someone owns fall in love with you (unless you have his/her approval)
    You have to participate regularly
    Have fun!

Wanna join?

    Interested? What you have to do is pick (or create) a character and e-mail me with the following information :
        Ranma 1/2 RPG in the subject
        Your name
        Your character's name (Please, make sure the character you want hasn't already been picked or it will be rejected)re no one already chose it)
        A description of your character (physical appearance, powers, good/bad...)
        Your e-mail address

And all you have to do after that is wait for my e-mail for agreement. 
Already taken characters - See the list here
Stories - Come read some of the stories the role players have written!

* A little note *
English is not my first language, French is, so I could make sone mistakes sometimes.
Sorry about that and please, tell me when it happens. Thank you.

© This Ranma 1/2 RPG was created and is maintained by *~Nadja~* 

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