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The Hi-Fives are John Denery, Steve Faine, Chris Imlay and Gary Gutfeld.

Welcome To My Mind

It was 1994, and from the remains of Thee Shatners (or The Ne'er Do Wells depending on hor you look at it) The Hi-Fives came to be. The first line up was John, Chris, Jess, and Julie(from Red Dye #9). In 1994 they released their first album, the wildly good Welcome To My Mind (Which Julie played drums on). Soon after the release of the album, Julie left the band, and Evan Mendel came to replace her. Then came the obsessive touring of Canada with their Canadian counter-parts, The Smugglers. This netted the Summer Games split EP, a co-release by Lookout and Mint Records. Then Green Day, being the great guys they are, asked The Hi-Fives in a West Coast Tour of NHL Hockey Arenas. Then Evan left and they got Danny Seelig (of The Phantom Surfers) on drums. It comes as no suprise then at the 1995/96 Bay Area Music Awards they won the "Outstanding Alternaitve Pop/Rock Group" award. The Hi-Fives still toured alot, goin across the U.S. of A., and even one of Japan in '96 with The Mr T Experience. Halfway through the Queers tour, on stage no less, Jess and Dan had a fight. That night both quit the band. Amazingly enough, a month later all four assembled in the studio to record their second album. (Knowing that, listen to how good it is!) Not to worry good folks, drummer Gary Gutfeld (formerly of Redmption 87) and bassist Steve Faine (of Decal fame) came to save the day! And the new line up was playing shortly before ...And A Whole Lotta You was released. It is pure briliance! They played tons of shows in the interim, and solidified as a group, putting a couple tours under their belts. Then in October of 1998, the third Hi-Fives album was released... Get Down!!! Then they did another extensive US tour with Chixdigit. Following that came a European tour with Mint recording artists Duotang! Then in the summer of '99 was a week long tour of Japan, rockin'!