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Actually there's no official fanclubs for ANY of the members in Suede.So join the official fanclub maybe the only way to get in touch with the official news of Neil. But anyway there's some to choose from:

Suede Information Service (SIS)---
The official fanclub of Suede. After joining a club, you can get a membership card, regular magazines and a signed photo from the band. Also you can see the latest news, exclusive interviews and merchandise offers…much much more. To join the club just send ?10.00 (UK and Europe) and  ?17.00 ( Rest of the world) annual fee. 

Payments in the UK can be made by Credit/ Debit Cards, cheque or postal order made payable to ' SUEDE LTD' . Payments in the USA can be made by sending a cheque for $27 made payable to Suede Ltd.


Payments for the rest of the world much be made by Credit/ Debit Cards, International money Orders or Eurocheques made payable to Suede Ltd.

For more infomation please contact with the SIS, Email

Neil Codling Club in Yahoo---
A Neil club online with message board, chatroom, links and exclusive pictures. To join the club you have the to get an account from first. The registration is fast and easy.

Yahoo Clubs-- Neil Codling
held by Rosita (blue_spangle) & Tracy Holborner
Any problems about joining the club? 
Please Email me

The Neil Codling fanclub---
A fanclub based in Thailand. If your interested, you may

sendUS $20 dollars or ?3 or B 500 baht (for Thailand). After joining the club, you can get a fanzine with exclusive Neil pics, interviews and merchandise. For more information please drop a line to Nina or Ariana at or . Also you can write to the following addresses:

Nina Alhadad 
3 Lorong N Telok Kurau 
Singapore 425127 
*Singapore* , OR

Ariana Lertlit 
79/585 Tararom 
Bangkok 10240