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     ...Striding precisely across the bare boards of an East London photo studio, flares flapping, ectomorph rib-cage thrust out, Neil now seems an intrinsic part of the Suede landscape. Without any apparent hint of self-consciousness, he removes Underworld's 'Beaucoup Fish' from the studio CD machine and keys up one of his instrumental happy-house demos.

        His current listening includes Mercury rev, the Super furries, Serge Gainsbourg's imperious 'Histoire De Melody Nelson' album, Belle & Savestian's 'Seymour Stein' and "various banding techno". To complement this, the current Suede fanclub magazine includes an ebullient handwritten gretting from Codling."Sell your television," it goes. "Secure all removable objevts and lock up Fluffy. Sued are back. Love, Neil X."

        Neil's initial interviews included reports of nervousness. It's difficult to imagine this self-assured, he talks very earnestly of his distrust of television, treats silly questions with quiet disdain and outlines his chemical regime during the recording of 'head Music': "No drugs at all, just sald and pepper." the album not only features such Anderson/Codling credits as 'Elephant Man', but also an image of Neil(along with Brett's girlfriend, Sam) on the album's front cover. Comeback single 'Electricity' features a further example of Codling expansionism - - his hesitant lead vocals features on the self- written B-side 'Waterloo'.

        "' Waterloo' is part of ourconvert Abba theme," he explains. "The other B-side on the CD is called 'See That Girl', which is a line from 'Dancing Queen'. For the album, all my demos were named after the London Underground. 'Waterloo' was one that stuck. It's a good song, because people say to me, 'Is that Abba's waterloo'?' and I say, 'No, it's my waterloo, my final battle."

The New Generation Game

What's the last book you read?
''I'm reading two books at the moment - one's My Idea Of Fun by Will Self and the other's Possession by AS byatt.''

Do you drive?
''I don't drive, but if I did I would problably get a Triumph Spitfire or Stag. It'd be nice to drive off into the country.''

Do you have a favourite painter?
''My favourite painter is Magritte, but I have very poor visual sense. I don't think in terms of pictures.''

Your favourite building?
''I do like the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. There's no one building in London that really lodges in my mind, just the skyline as you come over the river.''

What's your favourite TV programme?
''I'm not a fan of television. In fact, I recently read a book by White Dot, the anti-TV organisation, which I thought made a good sense. I find TV has less and less to recomend it -  apart from John Shuttleworth.''

How many pairs of trainers do you own?
''I have two pairs - these Converse I'm wearing today and another pair. So I do have some, but I think Suede are, spiritually, a boot band.''