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Oh What a Night!

You want a 'Saturday Night' out, give Suede a call. After all it is the title of their latest single so they must know what they`re talking about. Young Neil kindly voluteered to show our Ben Knowles how to take on the town. "Bring plenty of dosh," he said.This is why...

"The story behind the song is the simplest thing, no hidden meaning. It's exactly what it sounds like, it`s about two people on a Saturday Night and it`s all about going out. It`s a love song, it's a shrug of the shoulders, you can do what you want."

Neil Codling, twenty-three-year-old Suede keyboardist is preparing to guide us through an ideal Saturday Night. Trouble is,he hasn't had

many ideal Saturday nights recently.

"I haven't had a Saturday night off since June. I used to go out with my friends. Being in a band you lose the importance of Saturdays, whatever day you have off is the big one. At school it was fantastic when your birthday fell on a Saturday, you never lose that attitude towards the weekend."

So Neil, what are our options for this evening?
"In London there's loads, I'm from Stratford where there's not much doing, here you can do anything..."

Neil `s Guide To what to do on a Saturday night

Eating Out--
"Definitely. I'm vegetarian, I have been on and off

since I was 17. I go through phases. When you're in Europe for two months it's bad, in Russia your non-meat choice is potatoes or lard, you'd end up weighting about three stone. I love Italian food, the simplest stuff pomodore sauce, bread and olive oil, tomato and mozzarella salad.You can`t beat it, it`s the most underrated food."

House Parties--
"I love going round to friend's houses. One of the worst things about touring is never seeing your friends properly. House parties are great because it`s just you and them."

"I'm not a big fan of live music, I used to like Suede when I went to see them live, obviously.I've got a very short attention span,that MTV thing. I hate songs that go on, gigs should be short,

sharp, shocks. Getting "value for money" at a gig is terrible. I`ve enjoyed Orlando and Jack gigs recently."

"All for it if and when I can, I love revival and northern soul clubs, there are a couple of great clubs in London. When you're touring you have to rely on people who know their way around. All you see of a place is inside of a bus, the inside of a hotel and a gig so we go out clubbing when we can. We went to a great one in Stockholm, it`s reassuring that there is the same sort of attitude and culture everywhere, A global village."

Staying In and Watching TV--
"I've gone off TV recently, it doesn't fulfil its role of entertaining. It's a constant flicking through four channels. It's important to get out of the house,

central heating is one of the worst inventions, it makes you so drowsy."

Late Night Shopping--

"That's definitely on the agenda at the moment. I need to buy some clothes. It's so hard to shop in foreign countries, you ask for help from people to buy a nice leather jacket or something, you get taken twelve miles to some small shop that sells crap jogging tops."

"I try to get out to the cinema as often as I can. It's good to see a range, to see the trashy things down the Multiplex, and to go down to you local small place to see something arty. I've got a six months backlog of things to watch. I haven't seen Mike Leigh's Secert And Lies yet. I wasn't a big fan of Trainspotting."
"I used to lice in Crouch End. There was a pub that had up and coming comedians, that was great. Seeing people who may be huge is fantastic."

"As a band we don't go out together all the time but there are a couple of secluded watering holes in which we're kind of regulars.The only annoying thing is when people put your song on the juke-box then sit there stare at you."

Videos and Take-Away Food--
"When I'm at home I tend to feel inclined to go out, see people I don't get chances to see. In the studio we sometimes indulge in fast food but I usually eat very well. You have to if you burn the candles at both ends."

Showbiz Parties--
"I find other people in bands quite boring too, talking about studios and the preforming rights societies...I'd rather go out with friends."

"There's some great underground theatre in London. I did a degree on Drama so I have friends who work there. It's nice to go and see some great fringe theatre. Most theatre needs a good kick, it could learn a great deal from The Prodigy live!"