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The Nosy Page

Hot from touring Europe and the US, the Suedesters are back with a new single, LAZY, and busily preparing for their headline gig in the Reading Festival on August 22. Neil 'crumpet' Codling takes a break from keyboard posing to answer a few nosy exquires. What a charmer!

Name:nosyname.gif (4243 bytes)
Date of Birth:nosybday.gif (2982 bytes)
nosyjob.gif (2912 bytes)
Star Sign:
nosystar.gif (3918 bytes)
Height: nosyheight.gif (1909 bytes)
Chest:nosychest.gif (3033 bytes)

Distinguishing Marks:nosymarks.gif (6081 bytes)

i'd describe myself in a lonely hearts column as :nosyq1.gif (8251 bytes)
The most shameful thing I ever did was:
nosyq2.gif (3816 bytes)
My most cringeworthy nickname is: nosyq3.gif (6402 bytes)
This is really embrassing, but I still can't:
nosyq4.gif (4208 bytes)
Even for a million dollars I won't
nosyq5.gif (5128 bytes)
nosyq6.gif (4157 bytes) are the lyrics of my life
If i was a chocolate bar i would be a
nosyq7.gif (4602 bytes)

--I would describe myself as a nosyq8.gif (3392 bytes) friend
--I value most highly the following three things: (please circle)
snog, ice cream, telly, parties, fame, singing in the bath, fans, foot lotion

--When i look in the mirror, i usually say: nosyq9.gif (3563 bytes)
--I blush at the thought of :
nosyq10.gif (4744 bytes)
--You can tell when I'm attracted to someone when I:nosyq11.gif (5574 bytes)
--My absolute favourite word is:nosyq14.gif (2930 bytes)   
--I look my best when I:
nosyq12.gif (4848 bytes)
--I hereby reveal my beauty secret:
nosyq13.gif (2038 bytes)
--If i was a pair of underpants I'd belong to: nosyq15.gif (5354 bytes)

What it all means...

Neil's writing is really regular and easy to read which shows he's sincere and careful, and pretty level-headed. The fact that he uses capital letters the whole time means he listens to his heart as well as his head. The uprightness of his letters indicates he can hang out with anyone without suffering from shyness.    And the width of his lettersmean he's kind of lad who'd shower you with pressies. Bonus!

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