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Neil interview from the magazine Frida 4/1997

What's the weirdest rumour you've ever heard about yourself?
- It must have been that stuff on the Internet that I was joining the band because Brett was going to quit.

What do you know about Swedish music?
- Oh! I remember Abba. And I really like the Cardigans. You've also got a band called Kent who've got a hit with very dirty lyrics.

How should a girl act to get your attention?
- I don't like girls who crack jokes all the time. I think girls should act normally and I don't mind if they're serious.

Did you see any beautiful girls in Stockholm when you were playing here at the Stockholm water festival?
- Yeah, yeah - you've lots of beautiful ones in your country. The guys and I were very surprised at all the beautiful Swedish girls.

You're not exactly a macho-man. Why do you think all these girls fall for people like you, who are feminine and weak?
- I've no idea! One magazine in Sweden selected me as babe of the week, I don't know how they could be so stupid.

Do the jealous boyfriends of girls who like you ever get angry?
- Yeah. I've actually had some hate-mail. But most guys seem to understand that it's just an 'empty' love, like most people get at some stage.

Are you one of them? Have you ever had a crush on a popstar?
- No, not that I remember.

Everybody has!
- Okay, I was in love with an actress, not a popstar. It was Carrie Fisher (StarWars), she was my first love.

How famous are you? Can you walk in the streets of London without anyone recognizing you?
- Yeah, it's not that dangerous. But I hate it when people stare at you from the other side of the street. But on the other hand, people have always stared at me. It's easier if I'm wearing sunglasses, then I don't have to make eye-contact.

I find Suede members very shy and defensive with new people. Are you like that too or do you think you are more sociable?
- I don't have a problem with meeting new people. Definitely not! I think I'm very sociable.

Where did you grow up?
- On the famous street Stratford Upon Avon.

Oh, Shakespeare's street! Do you like his work?
- No, not really. My favourite writers are Hermann Hesse and James Joyce.

What's the most disgusting thing?
- It would have to be our tour stinks like hell, it's horrible after everyone's been using it.

Do you have any annoying habits?
- I smoke too much, it really annoys me and everyone around me, I'm going to try to quit.

How did you lose your virginity?
- I was 15 and the girl I was with was much
older and more experienced. But in a way it felt very natural, like eating chocolate.

Brett has been told several times that his lyrics are considered homosexual. He says he likes to experiment. Have you ever dreamed about having sex with a man?
- Yes, I have. I haven't tried it yet but maybe I will. I think everyone's dreamed or will dream sometime about having sex with someone of the same sex. Maybe it'll happen some day, who knows? Like Brett, I think it's fun to experiment.

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