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About Neil's Health--

To break the scary rumours about Neil. The official statment has been changed from ''laid down by nasty tropical flu bug'' recently

Matter of Fact--

Neil has been diagnosed as having ME. The British Medical
Council's definition of ME is a viral fatigue syndrome which often
follows a chest, throat or stomach infection from which the
patient does not fully recover. Fever and headaches are
followed by muscle pains, tenderness, weakness and severe
muscle fatigue particularly after exertion. In a few cases
symptoms persist over a number of years and are sometimes
exacerbated by stress.

Neil is currently resting and there are no plans to cancel the
band's UK tour. A spokesman for the band has made this

"Neil has been diagnosed with ME, but he fully intends
continuing with the UK tour. The problem with touring is that it's
just not just about appearing onstage and making a few
movements, it's all the travelling. They've done about 40 dates
around the world this year and i don't think he can take it as
much as other people"