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Neil's drawing by Mat

Neil John Codling, born on 5th of December, 1973 in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, UK, which is the hometown of Shakespere. He's born in a quite well-off family and have a older brother called Paul. His cousin, Simon Gilbert, is the drummer of Suede. He's always a big fan of the band. The story of how he join the band is still a mystery. But there're still few stories about it: Nearly the end of the Dog Man Star tour, feeling that the band's life sound was rather thin. Simon had suggest they hire his keyboard-playing cousin for the remaning gigs to fill things out. And another is that, apparently Neil dropped in on the studio one day where the band were rehearsing in autumn 1995, either to borrow or reclaim a suit - the story's not clear - and as Simon said, "He never got the suit and he joined the band." Anyway, he's in the band now!

Interview from the Coming up tour book

Favourite soap?? Eastenders
Favourite soup?  Mulligatawny
What is the punchline to your favourite joke??' The Debonaires' (TRUE!)
Favourite insult?? Why don't u fuck off!

What makes you happy on a Saturday Night?? Bruce Forsythe on T.V
Song you wish you had written?? I'll be your mirror -- Velvet Underground

Tell us a secret? This is nowhere (everyone knows)
Lifelong ambition you have still to achieve?? Learning to high jump
Hero of 96?? Dave Dee
Villain of 96?? Dazy, Beaky, Mick & Titch
What one thing could improve the quality of your life? Callipers
Strangest gift sent by a fan?? Padded handcuffs
Worst habbit?? Smoking 40 a day
What will you have engraved on your gravestone?? Here lies Neil Codling-- he's dead

And here's some facts that you maybe interested in

---He is the keyboardlist of Suede
---He is Simon's cousin
---He has an younger brother Paul
---His first public appearance was on the 27, January 1996, at a secret gig at Hanover Grand

---He studied drama and English at Hull University.
---His favourite football team is Aston Villa
---He is a on-and-off vegetarian since he's 17
---He likes cats
---He likes Italian food
---His first crush was Carrie Fisher from StarWars
---His favourite writers are Harmann Hesse and James Joyce
---He smokes 40 a day and his fav brand of cig is Banson & Hedges
---He has professed 'fucking hate computers' (sob!)
---He is left-handed
---He is the best cricket player of Suede
---He lost his virginity when he's 15, with a girl who's much older than him

---He is voted as the 11th coolest people in rock(which Brett, the vocalist, was on the 9th place) in Melody maker and said as 'Ice cool with razor cheekbones and planty of posing time on stage.

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