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Here's my list of Neil-related sites, Neil sites, Essential Suede-sites and some nice Suede-sites.If you want to have a link here, please write me and I'll put a link to your site on this page. Happy surfing! :)  

Neil fan-sites

Neil Mania

Neil Cod-lite Site

Neil Codling House of Worship

My lovely Neil

Essential Suede Sites

Suede Official Site (US)

Old Suede Official Site (UK, closed)

New Suede Official Site

Nude Records

German Fan Site

Suede FAQ


Suede Online

Suede Bootleg Discography


Suede Fan Sites

A.J.'s Music Page

Lula's Suede Page

The Mat Osman Worshipteria

Suede's Bowie's Page


Suede Look Page

Neil-related Sites

The Carrie Fisher Site

The Unofficial Carrie Fisher Homepage

The Hermann Hesse Homepage

In Bloom: James Joyce

Web Eastenders

And, My homepage

Check out more links of the fan sites in

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