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Welcome to the Specia! page, a new section in this page. You can see the content of this page is slightly (or very) different from the other sections just by its look. In this part your dedication will be essential -- people would be interested in your Neil-snogged stories eh? If you have any unforgetable Neil memories, stories, even non-sense stuff. Feel free to drop me an E-mail and tell me ok? Enjoy!

The Ultimate Neil-Codling FAQ
Check out what you want to know, what makes you confused and what you're wondering about.

These are the good songs...
A complete list of Codling written/co-written songs

''What did you just say!?''
Neil quotes in Suede interviews

It's all Girlie Thing
Read their experiences! I'm glad to hear yours too!

That belongs to someone like me
I think I should make this page so annoymous anymore. So here it is...ME!