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The Ultimate Neil-Codling FAQ

This FAQ is mainly for the parts on the info where you may have questions about. But of course here're something that you may want to know.

--OH MULLIGATAWNY!!! How to make it!?
--What is Eastenders?
--Wow! Who's Carrie Fisher!? (Maybe I can be his first-crush-look-alike)
--Who are Harmann Hesse and James Joyce?
--What does Neil listen to?
--Neil do you love me? Find out what kind of girls he falls for.
--How tall is he anyway?
--Shoe size?
--Star Sign?
--He loves cats!! Does he have any pets?
--Does he do surfing on the internet?
--Who's that on the cover of Head Music?
--What's his fave song in Head Music? Isn't it Elephant Man?
--What does he play on stage?
--How can I contact him? 


OH MULLIGATAWNY!!! How to make it!?
For the complete recipe please click

What is Eastenders?
EastEnders is a BBC soap opera. It is the most popular soap in Britain. Shown on top channel BBC 1 in the evenings, and is repeated on Sunday afternoon. The Soap was initially created by Julia smith and Tony Holland over 10 years ago. EastEnders is about families, communities, and the problems of every day Londoners. It's fictional location, Walford, is set in the east end of London. The soap relies heavily on strong characterisation and realistic story lines.
For more details please check our the site or
Web Eastenders

Who is Carrie Fisher?
Carrie Fisher is an actress, star as Princess Leia in StarWars.

Who is Harmann Hesse & James Joyce?
Hermann Hesse, a German writer. And James Joyce is an Irish Writer. Both of them are Neil's fave writeer, check out the books of them from your nearest library or bookshops:

Hermann Hesse:
Glass Bead Game, The
Journey to the East, The
Pictor's Metamorphoses and Other Fantasies (a nice one, try it)
Steppenwolf?(this is the must-have one!)

James Joyce:
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young man

What does Neil listen to?
Here are Neil's favourite tunes currently...
-- that Mercury Rev reocard
-- that Super Furry Animals one
-- that Jurassic 5 thing
-- The Go-Betweens - Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond?Express
-- Serge gainsbourg - The Ballad of Melody Nelson
-- Belle and Sebastian - " Seymour Stein", on The Boy with Arab Strap
-- Bob Dylan - Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid OST
-- Talk Talk - the Colour of spring
-- Vorious Northern Soul
-- Various banging techno

And his top 20 tracks are as follows:
I believe in miracles - the jackson sisters
Everybody is a star - sly and the family stone

Don't get me wrong - pretenders
Who am I (what's my name)? snoop doggy dogg
Concrete schoolyard - jurassic 5
Lost in music - sister sledge
Clifornia love - 2pac & dr. dre
Hometown farewell kiss - the triffids
Up the ladder to the roof - supremes
Is this love? - bob marley
Monkey gone to heaven - pixies
The man in me - bob dylan
Chuch e's in love - ricki lee jones
Under my thumb - the rolling stones
The model - kraftwerk
Superstition - stevie wonder
Seymour Stein - belle and sebastian
West end girls - pet shop boys
Return of the mack (single version) - mark morrison
You might need somebody - shola ama

Neil do you love me? Find out what kind of girls he falls for.
He doesn't like girls who crack jokes all the time. He thinks girls should act normally, and he doesn't mind if they're serious.

How tall is he anyway?
Neil is 5'10" tall, the same as his cousin Simon.

Shoe Size?
His shoe size is 9.5, again it's the same as Simon.

Star Sign?
He's born on 5th December so he's a Sagittarian. Sagittarians have a positive outlook on life, are full of enterprise, energy, versatility, adventurousness and eagerness to extend experience beyond the physically familiar. They enjoy travelling and exploration, the more so because their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are basically ambitious and optimistic, and continue to be so even when their hopes are dashed. Their strongly idealistic natures can also suffer many disappointments without being affected. They are honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice. They are usually on the side of the underdog in society they will fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are prepared to be rebellious. They balance loyalty with independence. (Source from Astrology Now)

He loves cats!! Does he have any pets?
Though he's professed that he love cats, he doesn't have any pets yet.

Does he do surfing on the internet?
He's claimed that he 'fucking hate computers'. And he doesn't have a computer as most of the bandmates. But from recent interviews reveal that he does surfings on various online bookshops these days. And he buys obscure fuction, medical and philosophical books, then asks his manager to pay for them, as he doesn't have a credit card..

Who're the models on the cover of Head Music?
Seems that this question has been asked for more than couples of times. That's Neil himself, with Brett's girlfriend Sam.

What's his fave song in Head Music? Isn't it Elephant Man?
Neil answered Elephant Man as his fave song in HM in the Suede web chat (1-3-99). But soon he made his explaination about this on the Press Conference on 27-4-99:

''hehe...(smiles) In fact that live chat with the fans I didn't really answer the question, at that moment I was in the toilet. So there's someone who answered the questions for me. I think Elephant Man's not my favourite track in this album. (Press: So what's your favourite track) There's no particular one. The tracks in this album are different from each other, I can hardly pick one from these." (translated from local magazines)

What does he play on stage?
Though the models of keyboards he uses on stage varies as the band tour different places.  It is said that Neil uses a set of Roland keyboard. But soon for the making of Head Music, he switched to synthesisers. From the vids taken in the London fanclub gig (Sorry no pics of it!), he now uses 2 sets of synthesisers on stage.

How can I contact him? 
Love letters, gifts and flowers can send to Suede Information Service:

Suede Information Service
PO Box 3431
N1 7LW

or the virtual ones you can send them to