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That belongs to someone like me

Well well well... I'm not going to say much here. If you're  reading this, then I'm sorry I have to tell you the truth, you so SILLY and I have absolutely NOTHING to talk about myself! Dah!

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If you're still reading, okay, I'm gonna give up 'cause I know nothing more I can do with super-bored people like you. Here's my story.

Be honest I don't want to make this intro page. Though I think there should be something to show that this site is really made by human being, not by computers or anything else. But when I was thinking of making this page the first thing on my mind is - Does it mean I have to my page on it as well? No! No way!   In fact even my own site's photo-free. (Sorry I'm really disgusted by my own look) Moreover, I'm not making my own site anyway!

I'm from Hong Kong, I'm 15 and studying F.5 (about Grade 11) and I've been loving Suede for only one and a half year or so. It was 1996 when I first heard of Suede. One day I was hanging around in a HMV store, looking for some new releases. Though I picked a copy of Coming Up and listened to it. Suede's music didn't get my notice at all. At that time their name only reminded me of Brett voice - that 'unusual' way of singing. Even once the video of Europe is Our Playground's on TV,  I didn't see it, just listened to the tune. (now I regret that I didn't see it on TV, it's so great! And now I can only stick on my 14" computer screen to see the vid in a semi-palm-sized window from the fanclub CD!) But soon I found myself keep humming the song all the time! And soon I bought Sci-fi Lullabies, the first Suede album I ever have. I found their songs are so great and I just love it very much. Then I bought Coming Up and Dog Man Star as well. Later I noticed myself has already obsessed with Suede's music. That's amazing. So I joined the club in April last year.

Being a fan, I think the most embarrassing thing I did about the band is that, at first I could hardly recognize all the members in the band and for a quite long period of time I thought that Neil was Brett! Since once I saw a Suede pic that Neil standing in the front and I just thought that all people standing at that position must be the vocalist!  I'd just mixed them up! Oh what I big mistake I made eh? But, because of this mistake, I found myself wholely attracted by Neil. Especially when I know more about him from the interviews, about his interests, I'm just smitten (hehe) "Oh what a glamorous man he is! Good-looking, talented, studied English and Drama in uni, a vegetarian, having such knowledge on literature (I know no boys who know about these things so far!). That's exectly the one I can die for." I told myself.

The thing that made me to build this site is, once again, that Europe is Our Playground video. It nearly drove me crazy, when I saw the Neil shot in the opening of the video! If you've been here before the update now you know why I use that pic on the frontpage. : )

So makes me updating this site? That's just a similar story. About a month ago I got a copy of Flipside from stores. When I first saw Neil on that cover I just talk to myself ' Oh gosh! He looks sooo fine with his new haircut!' Then I think I should use this on the frontpage, and that's why i redesigned  the site.

Seems that my story is pretty long eh? Hey, it's not my fault if you get bored by my story. It's your fault that you didn't listen to me! I hope that you understand what I write due to my limited level of English. And sorry for writing so girlie, it should be put in the girlie part eh!?  Anyway, thanks for coming here visiting my site. Your visits make this site getting better and better. See ya!