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Helpdesk Hell

Oy ! Gusset ! No ! Best Weird Site on the Planet

Universal Problem Solver


To GUSSETWORLD, Site of some of the best weirdness on the web.


Weird fact of the Day.

As you wander through my domain, click on the animated graphics to visit other places of interest. Some are labelled, some are a surprise, some are wonderful, some are just plain weird ! As to the rest of it, if it's underlined or a button, it's a link - mind you don't get lost !

Blimey, GussetWorld goes educational ! Not that I give a shit really, Smoke yourselves to death if you like !! I just really liked this graphic !

Please Note ;
New e-mail address - all previous addresses will no longer work.
All contributions/comments welcome
(Even the abuse)

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Link to Otways new HIT site !!

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Last Update 4/7/2002
All Sites Updated
Gussetworld is also pleased to be doing it's bit to help John Otway have another hit - click on the link on the right.
More Weirdness on the way !

Random link to a Weird Site !!!

As regards feedback - Thanks for the mail, I read it all and reply to most of it.
Hello all you Canadian Corrie Fans !
On a more serious note, no more variations on
"The Nigerian Scam"
You know who you are,
Now Fuck Off !
Next, Apparently some of you folks are a bit snobby about site content - you don't like animated gifs - well bollocks to you, I do, the people who create them do, so I'm gonna use them.
Fuck Off Web Fascists, stick your protocols where the sun don't shine !
Likewise those of you who are against the use of certain beneficial herbs.