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How to Create you very own pokemon!

Hello this is proffesor Oak, I have been working with, studying and researching pokemon for many years... *snore*... Oh! exuse me! I must have dozed off. Now what are you doing here? Oh thats right, you want to be the best pokemon trainer in the world right? No!? Then why are you here? Now I remember! You want to create pokemon. Thats right? Great! Now follow these instructions and you are on your way to creating your very own pokemon. *Snore*...

This page is for everyone who ever wanted to create their very own pokemon, or already have. The instructions on creating your own pokemon are following.

To create pokemon follow these simple steps

1)draw (made on the computer is ok too) a picture of a pokemon you have thought up, not some rip off like a pikachu with a hat on. Please no BMP images, just .jpg or .gif. If this is impossible e-mail me before sending in the bmp image.

2) A little bit of pokedex information. Ex: This is a very rare monster, it's long tail is believed to be used for fishing. Something like that.

3) The name of the pokemon. Duh!!

4) Special abilities. ex: water gun, ember, pound, confusion.

5) At least one original special ability. Ex: Tear. Also include a desciption for this ability. Ex: The pokemon tears out it's enemies hair, causing damage and loss in acuracy.

6) Also tell me what elemental type the monster is. Ex: water, fire ect. And also it's type: Ex: frog man, human toe, fire bird.

Thanks please send all your pokemon to me

Remember, no .BMP images. People who do send my aide these, will be punished

Proffesor Oak

Send all your pokemon here

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