FULL FLEDGED, Brockville's Newest Punk
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Brockville's Newest Punk, FULL_FLEDGED

Drew Swanson - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Simon Moll - Guitar
Chris Hanes - Drums

This is a small town punk band from Brockville, Ontario,
Canada. We all are in grade 9 and have been together for
about 1 month. We currently have around 3 or 4 songs and
are constantly working on new things. For all our thanks
and info on the band, then look at the Full Fledged new
page and you should find what you are looking for there.
Full Fledged.

For info on shows, check the shows page
For Pics, check the Full Fledged pictures page
For info on soon to be made tapes, check the news page


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