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Hi there, and welcome to my home page of news, gossip and assorted gum-flapping about my life and passions.

Now that we've got that stuff out of the way, Let me tell you a bit about myself...then you can decide if you'd like to explore the inner recesses of what passes for my mind, go to someone else's more-than-likely better put together web page, or you can jump on me for spending the time to write this long-winded intro.

I am currently 38 years old...going on 12 ;-) and am a legal secretary in Canoga Park, California, just northwest of Smog Central - Los Angeles - in the San Fernando Valley.

When I have time, I pursue my sanity-saving interests. #1, of course, is my wife, Sandra, whom I need like! I need air and fantasize about constantly...but we won't go there, since this page is on Tripod, and it's supposed to be a family site ;-)

When I'm not with Sandy, I'm out participating in the only activity where I can stab my friends with a long knife and not get arrested... fencing! I am primarily a foil man, although I also fence epee and sabre. The bruises are healing nicely, thank you. For more on my hobby of running-around-inside-a-poorly-ventilated-building-with-no-air-conditioning-in-the-heat-of-Summer-in-the- Valley- while- wearing-a-straitjacket-and-trying-to-stab-my-friends-before-they-do-the-same-to-me ( it in one breath, too), click on "Etes-vous prets? Allez!".

I have also been active in the world of competitive drum and bugle corps since 1984, when I played soprano! bugle with the Blue Devils...and if there are any members of the 1984 Garfield Cadets out there, YOU'VE GOT MY CHAMPIONSHIP RING!! (Hey, what can I say...losing by 1/10th of a point sucks...even years later).

For more on people who march around in the heat all day, wearing a confining uniform, blowing all their available breath through a narrow length of brass, whacking on a set of six drums weighing 40+ pounds hanging off your shoulders, or running at speed while tossing a spinning, fake rifle 30 feet into the air (and hopefully catching it), all the while knowing that if you crack a note, flub a flam or drop that rifle so it bounces aaaaallllll the way across the field, EVERYONE in the stands is going to look directly at YOU (which, believe it or not, feels a LOT like fencing), click on "Mark time, HUT!! (dut, dut, dut, dut)..." below.

My other passion is cats. I'm not afraid to admit that I LOVE kitties (Cats rule...dogs drool)! Sandra and I volunteer for a cat rescue, and currently we share our home with 20+ furry felines, all of whom look at us in the morning and say "feed me, you lower life form!" For more about our cats and the Rescue Cat Association, click on "Welcome to Sam & Sandy's cat house!"

If you're in the San Fernando Valley & get hungry, check out GOOD stuff!


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