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This page is still in it's first week of existance, so therefore I will explain my plans with it....
This page will be about Type O as a whole! I will have individual pages for the members, however this will not be a site about Peter, so if that's what you are looking for, go away. I think people who like a band for the way the frontman looks are completely shallow.
Anyways, I will have the usual, pics, lyrics, possibly tabs and sounds, also info about the band and any news i get my hands on. Also if I get enough material together I will have and art/poetry page. This page can have Type O related material, but it will not be limited to just that.
Other posibilities are: A message board; e-mail (highly unlikely, because i don't really dig that; also a possible short stories page, but like I said before it depends on the responses I get.

Any suggestions, art, poetry, or short story submissions, complaints, or just rambling nonsense, can be sent to

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