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Favorite Links

Parallax's Curio and Relic Site

Mosin Nagant Web Page by Dan Z (this is the best of the best Mosin Sites)

Treasure Hunt Arms

Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Rifles

Swiss Rifle .com Classified Ad Board

Assault Web Bulletin Board

Great Southern Arms Gun Shop

Woodhaven Surplus Store House

GunAndKnife Board

.303 British .com

Simpson Ltd

Samco Global Arms

Century Inter. Arms

Mannerheim of Finland

The Swedish Mauser Site

Swedish Stock Disc I.D. Site

The Empire Strike Back: The Soviet Union against Finland

Hakim and Rasheed Forum

Gun Addresses in General

A Carcano Home Page

Buffalo Arms Obsolete Brass

House of Karlina 1894 & 1896 Swedish Mauser