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Mosinnav2 copy.jpg (43719 bytes)



#1a.jpg (53474 bytes)

Stock Shims

#2a.jpg (19127 bytes)

AV3 Stock Shim

#16a.jpg (61512 bytes)

M91-30 with German

Bayonet lug

#12a.jpg (73490 bytes)

M-24 Receiver

#20a.jpg (65157 bytes)

Swede M38

#21a.jpg (62175 bytes)

Swede M38

#15a.jpg (89147 bytes)

M91-30 with German

Bayonet lug

#11a.jpg (72666 bytes)

M-24 Stock Disc

#24a.jpg (69797 bytes)

Civil Gaurd

Ammo Pouch

#23a.jpg (61411 bytes)

Fin Ammo Pouch

#10a.jpg (61614 bytes)


762_MosinToolkit.jpg (70001 bytes)

Copyright 1999


sniper2_3profile.GIF (271497 bytes)

Sov sniper action

ziksvt40profile1.JPG (178893 bytes)

ZIK Knife


SVT Bayonet

polish22manual1.JPG (57988 bytes)

Copyright 1999


germanmosinammo1.jpg (35469 bytes)

Copyright 1999


white_death.gif (125570 bytes)

White Death


MauserBandMosin.GIF (164442 bytes)

Mauser Band Mosin


wz48Archer_top.GIF (152180 bytes)

polish .22 trainer w/ early
"ARCHER" Radom trademark

PS-51_Mosin.GIF (128394 bytes)

PS-51g Sighting Mount Model 1951

Wayne11copy.jpg (114017 bytes)

Two Finns with rusian DP 28 lmg and Finnish Suomi SMG

Wayne12copy.jpg (100489 bytes)

Typical Finn position note Russian DP 28 LMG and Finn Suomi SMG

Wayne14copy.jpg (98085 bytes)

Finn soldiers manning machine gun post.

TsaristShootBadge.GIF (222680 bytes)

Tsarist Badge

Wayne15 copy.jpg (97685 bytes)

Russians just before they were shot.

Wayne17 copy.jpg (41105 bytes)

Young Civil Guardsman with M-96 bayonet fixed

Wayne18 copy.jpg (100549 bytes)

Civil guard mea takes a break..

Wayne19 copy.jpg (49623 bytes)

Civil Guardsman with Suomi SMG

sniperammo_close.GIF (238730 bytes)

Sniper Ammo

WWIISniperAmmo.GIF (60402 bytes)

WWII Sniper Ammo

PartizanAmmo.GIF (38480 bytes)

Partizan sniper ammo

SVDSniperExportAmmoDisplay.GIF (227895 bytes)

Soviet SVD Sniper Ammo

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