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Wow, this update is written on the first day of the New Millennium! What a historic moment in time. To think  that many in the past who lived and died have only talked about this moment or dreamed about it gives us an incredible feeling. It is as if we achieved something significant even though we have done nothing more but continue to live to this new era of mankind. Congratulations to you too for sharing this special moment with us.

For the year that has been, we have captured other special moments of  our lives on pictures that are found on this webpage. We thought it appropriate to start off with the picture of ourselves with the Tahitian dancers taken on a trip we made to Tahiti. This is part of the many activities that Sun Fu has been involved in during the year,  in representing the fast growing Morinda network marketing company with its now renown Tahitian Noni juice product. The children took turns to follow daddy in his frequent US trips whenever mom could come along. Our oldest two boys Woon Han (9) and Woon Shuan (7) got to visit Hollywood Studios and Disneyland in California last summer. It was reminiscing for us as 17 years ago, in our first trip to US as a sweet young couple, we enjoyed the fun rides there in a much colder wintry day but with much shorter lines.  For Su Min (14), our second daughter, her  turn came to see the Christmas lights in the historic Temple Square in Salt Lake city, Utah. She was thoroughly thrilled to experience her first snow fall. For one who regularly goes to the fridge at home to get some ice cubes to suck on, she was in harmony with all the snow and cold. She also had a chance to meet with a family who hosted Fei Min (15) a couple of years ago where Fei had a chance to spend a day at an American school during her trip with Dad. Our two girls continue to be best of friends, both well trained in playing the piano but each excelling in different interests. Su Min won medals in a national gymnastic championship. Fei Min just got her results for an important school exam (Form 3) and scored 6 As. She was thrilled to get her website working just as the year ended which you can view if you click here. 

The two youngest boys Woon Ern (4) and Woon Ray (2) stay home pretty much but enjoy our family outtings to visit Grandma down south in Singapore or the beaches on our favorite holiday island up north in Penang. Ernie's greatest achievement was being able to ride on two wheels on the bicycle. For Ray, he is just a happy kid who sticks very closely to our Indonesian helper and is starting to join in family conversations with his cute lengthy verbals. This is all the space left we have to report. Wishing you well.
                                                                                                         With love from Sun Fu, Geok Lee and the gang.

With John Wadsworth, food scientist and co-founder of Morinda Inc.

We dreamt of a white Christmas and POOF we got our wish.

Woon Han and Shuan with "I love Lucy".

Above: One of our family outings, discovering a waterfall in the southern tip of the country.

Below: Our handsome youngest Chong at age 2 at home.

Stopover in Australia on the way back from Tahiti to visit some relations.

Proud Mom with her champion gymnast daughter.

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