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Gaudeamus Igitur
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By C. W. Kindleben, Halle 1781

Versio Latina


English Text

Gaudeamus igitur,

Juvenes dum sumus;

Post jucundam juventutem,

Post molestam senectutem

Nos habebit humus!


Let's therefore rejoice

While we are young:

After a happy youth,

And a troubled old age,

A tomb will get us all!

Vita nostra brevis est,

Brevi finietur,

Venit mors velociter,

Rapit nos atrociter,

Nemini parcetur!


Our life is short,

And will shortly end;

Death comes swiftly,

Steals us fiercely,

And spares no one!

Ubi sunt qui ante nos

In mundo fuere?

Vadite ad superos,

Transite ad inferos,

Hos si vis videre!


Where are all that were

On Earth before us?

Fly to Heaven,

Plunge into Hell,

If you are going to see them!

Vivat academia,

Vivant professores,

Vivat membrum quodlibet,

Vivant membra quaelibet,

Semper sint in flore!


Long live Academia,

Long live Professors,

Long live any member,

Long live all staff,

May they bloom forever!

Vivant omnes virgines,

Faciles, formosae;

Vivant et mulieres,

Tenerae, amabiles,

Bonae, Laboriosae!


Long live all swinging

And Pretty Maidens;

Long live also live tender,

Lovable, good and

Hardworking women!

Vivat et Respublica

Et qui illam regit;

Vivat nostra civitas,

Maecenatum caritas,

Quae nos hic protegit!


Let our Nation also live,

And the one who rules it;

Long live our city and the

Generosity of our financers,

Our protectors here.

Pereat tristitia,

Pereant osores,

Pereat diabolus,

Quivis antiburschius,

Atque irrisores!


Down with gloom,

Down with haters,

Down with the Devil,

With any who envies,

And scorns!

Quis confluxus hodie


E longinquo convenerunt,

Protinusque successerunt

In commune forum.


What's today's Academic


They've come from far away,

But without delay went

To the debate.

Vivat nostra societas,

Vivant studiosi;

Crescat una veritas,

Floreat fraternitas,

Patriae prosperitas.


Long live our society,

Long live scholars;

Let a single truth thrive,

Let fraternity blossom, as it

Makes our Country prosperous.

Alma Mater floreat,

Quae nos educavit,

Caros et commilitones,

Dissitas in regiones

Sparsos congregavit.


Let Alma Mater flourish,

The one that educated us and

Gathered sparse

Friends and colleagues

From places far away.

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