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IT Consulting For A New Millennium


TM&R Consulting Inc.
Based in beautiful Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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  • Some of the services we provide

  • Windows NT Server

  • Windows Terminal Server (WTS)

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Novell to NT Migration

  • Project Analysis

  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation

  • Backup Strategies

    We have all heard of computer Consulting businesses around town. The term computer consultant is almost as common as the word computer itself. Consultants serve a valuable purpose; they help businesses cope with the flood of new technology, leaving owners and workers to concentrate on the business at hand.

    The days of the reactive company are over. To stay competitive, companies must be proactive when it comes to information technology (IT). TM&R Consulting is uniquely different in that we focus on making your company ready for business in the new millennium. We have been able to give our customers something that has long been lost peace of mind.

    As network consultants, we look at the entire network infrastructure. We examine both desktop and server configurations, software packages, and existing network cabling. Companies rarely get an in-focus picture of how well its systems will grow with the business. TM&R Consulting provides such a snapshot in the form of an insightful, objective report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your systems.

    At TM&R Consulting, we are proud to limit our business to consulting. Our customers have never been happier. We feel that if we treat our customers with the respect we ourselves want we will be a profitable and successful network consulting company.

    For more information regarding TM&R consulting or the services we offer, please contact us.


    Raymond H. Mullen Jr.

    TM&R Consulting Inc.

    10285 South Spotted Owl Place
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


    IT Consulting For A New Millennium


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