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Using Scanreg to restore a Corrupt Registry (Windows 98 only)


It has happen to the best of us, your computer is booting and then halts mysteriously with an error message indicating that the Registry is corrupt or that a vital *.VXD is missing. This leaves most people in pure frustration and dreading having to reinstall Windows 98. There is one utility that you can use that might resolve your current issue, Scanreg. Scanreg is a Microsoft utility that is included in Windows 98. It's function is to back up the Registry every time you boot your PC. It keeps several backup copies of your System Registry and stores them by date. Note: Applications and Games may have to be reinstalled if they were not on the system at the time that the Registry was backed up. (E.G.) You restore the Registry using a back up from 2 weeks ago and you just installed Microsoft Office, you will have to reinstall Office again because the Software was not in your System at the time that the selected backup was performed. You will have to boot up to a DOS prompt if you want to proceed with the procedure.


Booting to a DOS Prompt

- Boot up using your Windows 98 boot disk (recommended).


- Boot from your C: drive and press the F8 key when the "Starting Windows 98" string appears.


Changing Directories

-The first thing that you must do after reaching the DOS prompt is change to Windows\Command directory where Scanreg is stored. Choose your method below.


Method One- From the A:> prompt type c: then press the "Enter" key. Then type cd Windows\Command and then press "Enter".

Method Two- From the c:> prompt type cd Windows\Command and then press "Enter".


Executing Scanreg and restoring your System Registry

-Type scanreg /restore and then press "Enter".

-A blue screen will appear with the words Microsoft Registry Checker on top. It will perform a Registry backup and then display a dialog box with Registry cab files and the dates that back ups were performed on.

-Select a back up copy of your Registry to restore by using the "arrow keys" on your keyboard, but do not use the one with today's date because it is probably corrupt (Save it for last). Press the "Enter" Key, the Registry Checker will backup the current Registry and then restore the Registry that you just selected.  When the operation is complete you will see a message box appears that states that "a good copy of the Registry was restored. Press the "Enter" key once more to restart your computer.

-If the restoration of the System Registry solves your current situation then you should be able to boot normally to your Windows 98 desktop. If you still cannot boot the Operating System may be corrupt to the point of no return and may have to be reinstalled.

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