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Following are known issues with the Windows Update Web site.

These can also be found on the Windows Update site, however if you have problems getting there, how do you know what to do?

Some problems have been reported with failed installations from Windows Update. Some of these  are caused by not having a "clean" hard drive. Be sure to keep you temporary folders cleaned out, defrag often and run scan disk to find errors. This will work for most software installations as well. Use Disk Cleanup to clean up wasted space.

Windows Update "reinitializes" the Product Updates catalog every time you visit this area of the site. This is done to allow you to see the most current condition of your computer. For example, if you download two new themes and then return to the Products Update catalog, we will "reinitialize" to make sure that your view is updated and that you no longer see the two themes you downloaded as available updates. These will still show up in the "Show All" view, but will now be shown as installed.
You will not be able to use the left navigation bar while a download is in progress. This is to ensure that your download happens successfully. When the download is complete, the navigation bar is re-enabled.
If your security settings are set to warn you when cookies are written to your computer, you should expect to see several warnings pop up when navigating through the site. To turn the warnings off:
  1. From the View menu on the toolbar, select Internet Options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Cookies section, click Always accept cookies.
If your Security settings are set to High, you will not be able to access the Products Update catalog. In order to use the Products Update area of the site, you need to set your security settings at Medium or Low. To change your security settings:
  1. From the View menu on the toolbar, select Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab, and then select Internet zone in the drop-down box.
  3. Click Medium.
Some items that you download will require that you "reboot" your computer. Even though the download has been completed, in some situations where open applications are not shutting down properly for the reboot, we will continue to display a page stating that the download is in progress. In this case you will need to use the Windows Task Manager to close the applications and the browser, then reboot your system.
The links on the Windows Update home page will not change color after you have selected them.
If you have multiple instances of your browser open, and click one of the various links on the black toolbar such as Support or Write Us, the information will appear in one of your open browsers, but will not physically bring the browser back up on your screen. You will need to open your minimized browser window(s) to find the information.
Keyboard access for certain functions on the site, for accessibility purposes, is not fully implemented.
In very rare instances, if you choose to run multiple instances of the site and have the Product Updates control run simultaneously to check for updates, it will lock your browser for a long period of time.
If you receive a message about Critical Update Notification before you have logged on to the network or Windows, accept the notification after logging on. Do this by moving the dialog box, or by clicking the "Notify me later" button and then logging on. This message may appear only if your computer is connected to a LAN.
After you download a component from the Product Updates catalog, don't open a new browser window while the "Download Confirmed" page is showing on screen. This will cause a script error to appear.
In some cases, after installing Critical Update Notification, the catalog may not reflect the installation. Check the Control Panel to make sure your install was successful.
If you use the Route 98 screen saver, don't uninstall Plus 98. Uninstalling Plus 98 will also uninstall the screen saver engine which supports the Route 98 screen saver.
In rare cases, when you connect to the Internet via modem, you may see a script error. If this happens, try your connection again.
On your Windows 98 computer, if you have downloaded security patches or the IME/SR1 component, a reinstall of Windows 98 will overwrite the security patches and the IME code. However, the Windows Update catalog will continue to show IME components and security patches as installed. If you want to reinstall the security patches or IME components, go to the Product Updates section of Windows Update, click on the Show Installed Updates button, then click the box next to the patches and IME components you wish to install. Click Download, and follow the instructions.

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