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I've put these troubleshooting articles from Microsoft together to simplify finding like problems.  I'm sure it will grow as time goes on and as I help others find answers to their problems. If you don't find an answer here, go to the Microsoft site and search the database. Please E mail me with your findings and I will add them here for others that have not found the Support Site yet. Good luck with your troubleshooting,,,,,,



Back Up Help

Microsoft Backup Help Contains Wrong Information About NetWare (Q197143)
Microsoft Backup Hangs When Refreshing SyQuest EZFlyer Drive (Q197049)
Microsoft Backup Help Contains Wrong Information About NetWare (Q197143)
Append This Backup Option Unavailable (Q217658)

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Cab File Help

Cannot Use CabView Tool to View Contents of Cabinet Files (Q197144)   
Unable to Display the Contents of Cabinet Files in Windows 98 (Q195834)

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Disk Defragmenter Hangs After Choosing Disk to Defragment (Q218160)

Defrag Error Message: ID No:DEFRAG00205 (Q238165)

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Description of the Different Advanced Power Management States (Q197739)
Description of Windows 98 Asynchronous Transfer Mode Support (Q197672)
Description of Windows 98 Power Schemes (Q200040)
Description of the Microsoft Browser Connection Setup Wizard (Q230087)
Definition and Description of a Pixel (Q253680)
Description and Availability of MSN Messenger Service (Q240063)
Description and Explanation of a Cabinet File (Q253676)
Description of Device Drivers (Q253671)
Description of Phone Message Record and Playback Registry Keys (Q250650)
Description of the Modem Settings Key in the Windows Registry (Q250649)
Description of the Modem Responses Key in the Registry (Q250648)
Description of the Modem Init Key in the Windows 98/95 Registry (Q250647)
Description of the HKEY_DYN_DATA Registry Key in Windows 98/95 (Q250568)
Description of the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG Registry Key in Windows 9 (Q250565)
Description of TCP/IP Registry Entries in the NetTrans Subkey (Q250663)
Description of TCP/IP Entries in MSTCP\ServiceProvider Subkey (Q250662)
Description of Subkeys Contained in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum (Q250530)
Description of Typical Services Registry Keys Under HKLM (Q250448)
Description of Typical Control Subkeys of the HKLM Registry Key (Q250447)
Description of the Registry Files in Windows 98/95 (Q250410)
Description of HKEY Registry Keys in Windows 98/95 (Q250409)
Description of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Registry Branch Subkeys (Q250405)
Description of HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Subkeys (Q250404)

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Dial Up Networking/Networking

Incorrect Password When Connecting to a DUN Server (Q241891)
Dial-Up Networking Connection Dials Extra Numbers (Q194804) (Q194804)
Dial-Up Connection in ICS Does Not Prompt to Disconnect (Q237806)
Dial-Up Networking Connection Tries to Dial Automatically (Q202072)
Dial-Up Networking Does Not Start (Q241886)
128-Bit Dial-Up Networking Security Upgrade Does Not Work (Q237419)
Dial Properties Unavailable in a Dial-Up Networking Connection (Q194710)
Version Conflict When Installing TCP/IP (Q194758)
Changes on DNS Configuration Tab Not Reset When You Click Cancel (Q194561)
Clicking Cancel on Gateway Tab Does Not Reset Changes (Q194667)
Windows 95/98 DHCP Retry Compliance with RFC2131 (Q194790)
Cannot View the Contents of a Drive Mapped to a Novell Server (Q197015)
ICS Setup Err Msg: Your Network Configuration Is Not Complete (Q237802)
Access Denied Error Message When Connecting to Mapped Drive (Q195264)
IPX/SPX Protocol Bound to Dial-Up Adapter Multiple Times (Q193455)
Delays Connecting to NetWare Servers in Mixed Network (Q194827)
The Network Neighborhood Icon No Longer Appears on the Desktop (Q195112)
Computer Stops Responding When Creating a Remote Access Session (Q194178)
Trailing Space in Domain Name Causes Password Prompt (Q220977)
File Access Vulnerability in Personal Web Server (Q217763)
Cannot Change International Dialing Access Codes (Q217189)
Description of How ICS Appears in Network Properties (Q236465)
Policy Not Applied Logging On Using a Space in the Domain Name (Q237923)
User Name Keeps Changing in Dial-Up Networking Connection (Q230607)
No Connect To Dialog Box When You Double-Click a Connection (Q236457)

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Direct Cable Connection Help

How to Configure Direct Cable Connection for Optimal Performance (Q195240)
Direct Cable Connection Does Not Start (Q195710)
Cannot View Computer Resources Using Direct Cable Connection (Q194709)

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Dos Related Problems

Cannot Start a Command Prompt or Restart in MS-DOS Mode (Q195176)
MS-DOS-Based Programs Do Not Play Beeps Through PC Speaker (Q199030)

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Error Messages

Error Msg: The Server Name \\ Is Invalid (Q195634)
Error Msg: WordPerfect Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module... (Q196481)
Error Msg: Send Failed - Invalid Number (Q197736)
Error Msg: Invalid Page Fault in Jscript.dll...(Q197388)
Error Msg: The Password of This User Is Too Recent to Change (Q197175)
Error Msg: VMM32.VxD Is Required to Run Windows... (Q194679)(Q194679)
Error Msg: Invalid Media or Track 0 Bad - Disk Unusable (Q196579)
Error Msg: Accessing That Resource Is Not Possible Because This... (Q195443)
Error Msg: Invalid VxD Dynamic Link Call from VPOWERD(06)... (Q194999)
Error Msg: XMS Cache Problem. Registry Services May Be... (Q194731)
Error Msg: VMM32.VxD Is Required to Run Windows... (Q194679)
Error Msg: Invalid VxD Dynamic Link Call from VNBT(01)... (Q194536)
Error Msg: Setup Error 544: Setup Is Unable to Open the Data... (Q193500)
Error Msg: DTOLE Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module... (Q192969)
Error Msg: Setup Cannot Run from MS-DOS Mode with a Private... (Q208909)
Error Msg: Error Downloading Component (Q214786)
Error Msg: The Wave Task Manager (NSPMM.DLL) Is Not Available (Q199097)
Error Msg: Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Shell32.dll (Q222952)
Error Msg: Using CTRL+ALT+DELETE to Shut Down (Q222518)
Error Msg: The Add Printer Wizard Was Unable to Find Any... (Q220854)
Error Msg: An Error has Occurred While Working with the Control... (Q217752)
Error Msg: Drive Cannot Be Compressed...DRVSPACE 748 (Q226870)
Error Msg: at Startup with MIDI File Parser(Q218608)
Error Msg: Riched32.dll error Starting E-Mail Program or WordPad (Q218838)
Error Msg: Notepad Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module... (Q218609)
Error Msg: Navigation Canceled Error Message After Upgrading (Q198922)
Error Msg: MMSYSTEM277 A Problem Occured Initializing MCI. Try... (Q232547)
Error Msg: Account Setup - Unable to Create RNA Phone Book Entry (Q229251)
Error Msg: Windows Is Still Running One or More MS-DOS-Based... (Q229226)
Error Msg: Your Computer Does Not Have Enough Free Memory to... (Q229154)
Error Msg: HH Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module HHCTRL.OCX (Q207253)
Error Msg: Cannot Open <Filename> Because Parser Could Not... (Q233155)
Error Msg: Suwin.exe Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Setupx.dll (Q232963)
Error Msg: The Device Is Either Not Present or Not Functioning (Q232809)
Error Msg: Memory Parity Error Detected. System Halted (Q232768)
Error Msg: The Windows 98 Files That Are Required For This... (Q232678)
Error Msg: This Update Is Not Designed for This Version of... (Q232464)
Error Msg: The Windows 98 CD Was Not Found in Your CD-ROM Drive (Q232313)
Error Msg: Critical Files Are Missing or Corrupted... (Q229215)
Error Msg: QBW Caused a General Protection Fault in Module... (Q229192)
Error Msg: Cannot Display This Channel. Check Your TV Tuner... (Q229150)
Error Msg: When Printing Multiple Fonts in the Fonts Folder (Q208252)
Error Msg: Program Not Found. Windows Cannot Find Microsoft.exe (Q228903)
Error Msg: Direct X Wrapper: The Plug-in Created Input-Objects... (Q232949)
Error Msg: Netscape Executed an Invalid Instruction in Module... (Q232771)
Error Msg: When Opening Self-Extracting File (Q239774)
Error Msg: Setup Encountered a Problem While Checking The... (Q232758)
Error Msg; When Starting a Backup Job (Q229256)
Error Msg: HH Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll (Q231819)
Error Msg: Inserting DVD Movie in Cinemaster C WDM DVD Drive (Q232807)
Error Msg: WinWord Caused a General Protection Fault in Module... (Q234004)
Error Msg; on Sony Laptop with SMC IR Ports (Q205745)
Error Msg: Fatal Exception 0E in VxD IOS (04) (Q243037)
Error Msg: You Must Operate in Small Font Mode to View MSN... (Q244447)
Various Error Messages Displayed When Virtual Memory Is Enabled (Q239094)
Error Msg: in ICS Adapter Properties in Device Manager (Q241255)
Error Msg: Error Loading User.exe. You Must Re-Install Windows (Q243372)
Error Msg: The File Was Not Found. Verify That You Have... (Q180465)
Error Msg: Fatal Error Problem Using UI Skins (Q252900)
Error Msg: SU991010: Setup Was Unable to Continue (Q250683)
Error Msg: One or More of the Characters You Typed in this... (Q250449)
Error Msg: Hardware Error. DriHwp32.dll Not Found or Damaged (Q249880)
Error Msg: MSTSC Caused a General Protection Fault in Gdi.exe (Q246219)
Error Msg: When Printing to Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 870Cse (Q249042)
Error Msg: Long File Names Need to Be Enabled (Q247493)
Error Msg: Hardware Error. DriHwp32.dll Not Found or Damaged (Q249880)
Error Msg: Cannot Find the File 'Dcomcnfg' (Q253311)

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Unable to Extract the Desk.cpl File from the Windows 98 CD-ROM (Q193312)

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Fatal Exceptions

Fatal Exception in CDVSD Starting Windows 98 (Q197004)
Fatal Exception Error Message in VxD IOS(04) (Q192925)
Fatal Exception Error Message Printing to Okidata OL-600e (Q198811)
Fatal Exception in CDVSD Starting Windows 98 (Q197004)
Fatal Exception in Openhci.sys When Devices Connected to USB (Q250523)
Fatal Exception Error When Attempting to Connect to the Internet (Q252523)
Fatal Exception OE Has Occurred in VXD mrtRate (01) When Printin (Q252414)

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General Protection Faults

Cpqtapi Caused a General Protection Fault in Module... (Q197647)
General Protection Fault or Invalid Page Fault During Setup (Q209321)
General Protection Fault in Module Dibeng.dll (Q235618)
General Protection Fault When Starting Microsoft Solitaire (Q237900)
General Protection Fault When Browsing for Device Drivers (Q245583)
GP Fault in Module Scvrecd2.dll When You Use WordPad (Q207158)

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Graphics Related Problems

Unable to Convert Graphic Images to Different File Formats (Q193483)

Cannot Use .Jpeg for Active Desktop Wallpaper (Q198701)

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Hardware Help

Canon BJ-200ex Prints Colored Text in Black and White (Q196596)
Logitech Connectix QuickCam VC Does Not Work Correctly (Q195732)
PS/2 Mouse Does Not Work After Upgrading to Windows 98 (Q206034)
Cannot Use Standby Mode with USB Epson Stylus 740 Printer (Q232902)
No Modem or Audio Function Resuming IBM ThinkPad from Standby (Q196543)
Problems with Toshiba Infinia DVD/TV Tuner Under Windows 98 (Q195544)
IDE Controller Marked as Disabled in SCSI-Only Computer (Q195311)
Maxtech 33.6 Voice/Fax Detected as Archtek SmartLink 33348T (Q195260)
Troubleshooting Compact Disc Recordable and Re-Writable Drives (Q237948)
Encore DRX2 DVD Player Does Not Work in Windows 98 (Q195258)
Problems with VIA UHCI Host Controller (Q232889)
Computer with Accelerated Graphics Port Hangs After Suspend (Q195564)
Distorted Display After Installing Windows 98 (Q195220)
Iomega Ditto Dash Not Detected Properly During Windows 98 Setup (Q194533)
Monitor Type Not Retained When Upgrading or Reinstalling Windows (Q195044)
Cannot Change Desktop Settings with Diamond Stealth II S220 (Q193549)
One or More Drives Unavailable After Hot Docking (Q193342)
Troubleshooting Cable Modems in Windows 98 (Q193011)
CD Player Does Not Play Audio CDs (Q192988)
Device Manager Disables IDE Controllers in BIOS (Q192987)
HP Fastmodem May Not Function with Windows 98 (Q199283)
Problems Upgrading Samsung Sens 810 Computer to Windows 98 (Q215356)
Modem Detected on Wrong COM Port on Acer Aspire (Q213166)
Drive A Present Even Though it Is Not Physically Connected (Q205942)
Hard Disk No Longer Available After Uninstalling Windows 98 (Q205400)
CH Products F16 CombatStick Loses Calibration in Windows 98 (Q201464)
Philips Monitor Model Number Not Listed in Windows 95/98 (Q200136)
Universal Serial Bus Devices Do Not Work in Safe Mode (Q195241)
Infrared Searching Does Not Respond When Enabled (Q194964)
Magnifier Tool Does Not Work with Multiple Monitors (Q194732)
Intel Pentium III CPU Identified as Intel Pentium II CPU (Q216204)
Problems with Two Sony DV Cameras Attached (Q230791)
Seagate Hard Disk May Not Spin Down While in Standby Mode (Q229273)
Hard Disk Does Not Suspend While Running APC PowerChute Plus (Q224426)
Moving USB Mouse Causes Print Job to Terminate (Q234778)
Packard Bell Computer Restarts Continuously (Q229126)
Unable to Use CD-ROM After You Upgrade to Windows 98 (Q229261)
Problems with Expanded Memory on Dell Inspiron 7000 Computers (Q217222)
Phoebe Micro 56K Internal Modem May Not Work Properly (Q207351)

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How To's

How to Make Your CD-ROM Drive Accessible in Safe Mode (Q194846)
How to Print a Folder Listing in Windows (Q196628)
How to Copy Your Existing Favorites to a Different Computer (Q196482)
How to Save Uninstall Information Before Reinstalling Windows 98 (Q195384)
How to Enable ACPI Support in Windows 98 (Q195218)
How to Determine If a Hard Disk Is Compressed (Q193051)
How to Perform Clean-Boot Troubleshooting for Windows 98 (Q192926)
How to Create a Windows 98 Startup Disk that Supports FAT32  Q187632)
How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files Q129605)
How to Install the Microsoft Batch 98 Tool (Q214714)
How to Disable Advanced Power Management for PC Card Modems (Q199209)
How to Install and Test a Scanner in Windows 98 (Q232569)
How to Install Windows 98 on a Computer with No Operating System (Q221829)
How to Create Custom Calling Card Rules in Windows 98 (Q224076)
How to Troubleshoot Network Printing Problems (Q243075)
How to Change the Default Folder Icons in Windows Explorer (Q253689)
How to Choose Your Own Extension Saving a WordPad Document (Q253688)
How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Shutdown Problems (Q202633)
How to Move the Taskbar from Its Default Position (Q253679)
How to Delete the Recent List of Network Connections (Q252978)
How to Manually Remove Programs from Add/Remove Programs List (Q247501)
How to Modify the Config.sys and Autoexec.bat Files (Q232558)
How to Re-create a Missing My Documents Icon on the Desktop (Q217764)
How to Prevent "Shortcut to" Prefix from Being Added (Q253212)

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Internet Connection Wizard

Incorrect Computer Name After Running Internet Connection Wizard (Q233362)

Internet Connection Wizard Runs After Browser Connection Setup (Q231706)

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Internet Explorer

No Disconnect Prompt When Quitting Internet Explorer (Q193555)
You Receive Internet Explorer Script Errors on Some Web Pages (Q193359)
Only HTML Code Displayed When You Start Program or View Channel (Q195153)
Problems After Enabling Active Desktop (Q193110)
Cannot Change Temporary Internet Files Cache Size (Q195163)
Unable to Use Internet Explorer 4.0 Compatibility Mode (Q237787)

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Invalid Page Faults

TASKMON Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...(Q197791)
Invalid Page Fault When You Try to Run the Registration Wizard (Q194904)
General Protection Fault or Invalid Page Fault During Setup (Q209321)
HyperTerminal Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Msvcrt.dll (Q238424)
MSCAM Performed an Invalid Page Fault in AVICAP.DLL (Q235022)
Invalid Page Fault in Ism.dll Printing to HP DeskJet Printer (Q248786)
Invalid Page Fault When Opening Control Panel (Q237826)


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Microsoft Fax

Microsoft Fax Does Not Appear in Add/Remove Programs (Q187549)

How to Reinstall Microsoft Fax and Windows Messaging (Q235713)

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Memory/Virtual Memory

Windows Is Unstable After Disabling Virtual Memory (Q196839)
Less Conventional Memory in European Versions of Windows 98 (Q197030)

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Media Player Does Not Play MP3 Files (Q195707)
Computer Stops Responding When You Play Very Large .wav Files (Q203795)

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Notepad Font Formatting Is Not Visible in Other Text Editors (Q216380)
File Is Too Large to Open Message in Notepad (Q215340)

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The Euro Symbol Is Not Printed (Q195041)

White Text on Black Background Is Not Printed Properly (Q194708)
Disable File and Printer Sharing for Additional Security (Q199346)
Capture PrinterPort and Other Dialog Boxes Show Truncated Path (Q205981)
Unable to Communicate with the Device When Printing (Q247753)
Lexmark WinWriter Prints Extra Characters or Symbols (Q207974)
LaserWriter NTX Prints the Letter "T" Incorrectly from WordPad (Q207941)
Printed Colors Do Not Match the Colors on the Screen (Q241993)

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Registry Is Not Backed Up Automatically at Startup (Q198864)
"SCANREG /RESTORE" Command May Not Restore Registry (Q228779)

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Setup Help

Windows 98 Setup Hangs During File Copy Process (Q195647)
Setup Stops Responding While Creating Windows 98 Startup Disk (Q195621)
Description of Windows 98 Setup Process (Q195568)
Prompted to Insert Disk 2 During Windows 98 Setup (Q195229)
Installing Windows 98 from a Zip Drive Is Not Supported (Q194946)
Windows 98 Setup Stops Responding After First Restart (Q194836)
Windows 98 Setup Hangs During Plug and Play Hardware Detection (Q194721)
Contents of the Windows 98 Startup Disk (Q185645)
Computer Hangs When You Restart for the First Time During Setup (Q193156)
Error Running Batch Setup to Computer with Infrared Port (Q201912)
Unknown Devices in Device Manager After Upgrading to Windows 98 (Q216137)
Setup from MS-DOS Displays Date in Two-Digit Format (Q232634)
Windows Setup Screens and Colors Are Not Displayed Properly (Q208116)

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Shut Down Problems

Slow Shutdown When Pressing the Power Button on Your Computer (Q194877)
Computer Hangs Clicking Close Button in Close Program Dialog Box (Q222131)
Computer Stops Responding When You Shut Down (Q231666)
Computer May Not Shut Down or Restart in MS-DOS Mode (Q232915)
Computer Restarts When You Try to Shut Down (Q232920)
Blue Screen Error Message When Shutting Down/Restarting Windows (Q246880)
How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Shutdown Problems (Q202633)
Windows May Not Shut Down or Restart When Msdos98.exe Is Running (Q253098)

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Start Up Problems

Msconfig.exe Does Not Retain Selective Startup Settings (Q195042)
Vserver.vxd File Not Found When You Start Your Computer (Q194990)
Program Starts Unexpectedly When You Start Your Computer (Q194529)
While Initializing Device Shell: Cannot Find or Load... (Q197685)
Contents of the Windows 98 Startup Disk (Q185645)
Windows Hangs at Logo Screen After Attaching External Device (Q193242)
Cannot Find a Device File Vvinesd.386 When You Start Computer (Q194845)
Cannot Start Windows 98 with Umax S6E Scanner Installed (Q232960)
Computer May Not Shut Down or Restart in MS-DOS Mode (Q232915)
Receive Win32sys.exe Error Messages When You Start Your Computer (Q236772)
Blue Screen Error Message When Shutting Down/Restarting Windows (Q246880)

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System Tools Help

Maintenance Wizard Tool Prompts You to Run FAT32 Converter Tool (Q194805)
System Tool in Control Panel Is Missing or Does Not Start (Q197285)
System Recovery May Not Restore Windows NT Dual Boot Menu (Q197558)
Unable to Print a History Report in the Windows Reporting Tool (Q196558)
Windows Report Tool Starts Minimized (Q194511)
Program Missing from Add/Remove Programs Tool (Q214704)
Task Scheduler Service Does Not Start (Q215937)
DirectX Diagnostic Tool Reports Old or Beta Files (Q198877)

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Toolbar/Taskbar Help

How to Create and Customize a User-Defined Toolbar in Windows 98 (Q216663)
Unable to See or Use the Taskbar (Q199161)
Toolbars Menu Commands Are Unavailable in Windows 98 (Q199059)

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USB Audio Problems with Openhci.sys (Q237944)

Files Not Found When Installing 3Com USB Modem in Windows 98 (Q239422)

Computer Does Not Resume After Warm Undock with USB Controller (Q238781)

Electrostatic Discharge Disables Devices Plugged In To USB Hub (Q236934)

No Volume in Yamaha YSTMS55D USB Speakers in Windows 98 SE (Q247385)

USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q240075)

Enabling USB Support Causes High-Pitched Noise (Q241259)

Computer Hangs If USB Mouse Is Moved While Suspending (Q240021)

USB Driver Uses the Largest Supported Report Size (Q249635)

Automatic Repeat Does Not Work for USB Keyboard After Suspend (Q245065)

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Video Problems

Distorted Colors Displayed When Playing Audio or Video (Q209178)
Prompted for Video Driver When New Hardware Profile Is Created (Q232724)
Unable to Change Resolution if User Profiles Are Enabled (Q202091)
Screen Is Clipped Playing DVD Movie with Cinemaster 1.2 (Q196527)
Screen Becomes Distorted Moving or Changing STB TV Window (Q193435)
Video Display Resolution Changes After Upgrade (Q232037)
ATI OEM Rage II Drivers Do Not Work with Multiple Displays (Q207116)
RIVA 128 Video Adapters Are Incompatible with Multiple Display (Q205933)
Cannot Move Programs Between Multiple Monitors (Q245679)

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Web TV

Unable to Download WebTV Program Guide Listings (Q232346)
WebTV Reminders Cannot Be Changed or Deleted After Upgrade (Q232328)
WebTV Broadcast Provider Listing May Be Incorrect (Q238126)
How to Install Intel Intercast Technology for WebTV for Windows (Q238961)

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Windows 98 Second Edition

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Setuptip.txt File Contents (Q234782)
Windows 98 Second Edition May Not Install Internet Explorer (Q239646)
Windows 98 Second Edition Hangs on Compaq Presario 1220 Notebook (Q237756)
Windows 98 should not be installed over Windows 98 Second (Q237587)
Description of Internet Explorer in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q237680)
How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems (Q238096)
Description of Windows 98 Second Edition (Q234762)
Availability of Windows 98 Second Edition (Q234305)
Can't Use System Recovery With Windows 98 Second Edition Updates (Q232753)
Error Message When Installing Windows 98 Second Edition Updates (Q231928)
Active Desktop Wallpaper Removed with Windows 98 Second Edition (Q231181)
Problem with AT&T Winmodem in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q229211)
AOL Setup Error Messages in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q235704)
File Dates Incorrect After Installing Windows 98 Second Edition (Q235482)
DCOM Setting Not Retained Upgrading to Windows 98 Second Edition (Q233149)
TweakUI Not on Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM (Q237920)
Windows 98 Second Edition DUN 128-Bit Upgrade Release Notes (Q244214)
USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q240075)
Notification Problem with Windows 98 Second Edition and MSN 5.0 (Q246569)
Changes Made by Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement (Q251022)

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Windows Update

How to Determine Your Installed Windows 98 Updates  (Q194796)
Windows Update Wizard Uninstall Documentation Error in Help (Q194847)
WINUP-Blank Page Appears When Attempting to View Windows Update Q193701
WINUP-Windows Update Link on Windows 98 Start Menu Does Not Work Q193691
WINUP-Problems When Viewing or Downloading From Windows Update Q193385
WINUP-Theme Folder Remains After Uninstall Q191582
WINUP-Clicking Cancel Does Not Cancel Component Uninstallation Q191209
WINUP-Program Folder Appears Each Time the System Is Started Q190432
WINUP-Cannot Use Back to Return to Previously Viewed Web Pages Q190037
WINUP-Modem is Not Configured Correctly Error Message Q190086
WINUP-Games Pack Not Listed in Add/Remove Programs Dialog Box Q189569
WINUP-Unable to Uninstall Supplemental Web Fonts Q189440
WINUP-Control Required Error Message If Using Windows 98 Beta 3 Q189460
WINUP-Web Page Titles Are Truncated in the Navigation History Q188828
WINUP-Java Script Error Message When Searching Product Catalog Q188885
WINUP-Err Msg: Control Required or Cannot Display Page Q187938
WINUP-Missing Confirmation Message After Uninstall Q187875
WINUP-Not Enough Free Disk Space to Install Desktop Themes Q187876
WINUP-Internet Connection Set for LAN but Searches for Modem Q187877
WINUP-Configuration Error Messages When Using a Proxy Server Q187878
How to Remove the Windows Update Tool in Windows 98 Q189525
Troubleshooting Windows Update Connection and Download Problems Q193657
Err Msg: The Path Does Not Exist or Is Not a... Q190414
Windows Update Does Not Continue After Clicking Product Updates Q194174
Invalid Page Fault Error Message When Updating Device Driver Q196052
How the Windows Update Tool Determines if an Update Is Valid Q189306
Windows Update Wizard Only Works with Internet Explorer Q188244
Windows Update Web Site Prompts for Password Q188207
How to Determine Your Installed Windows 98 Updates Q194796
Err Msg: An Unknown Error Has Occurred During Installation Q193576
Err Msg: THEMES Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module... Q190140
Cannot Disable Task Scheduler Q195933
Update Available for Cross-Frame Security Issue Q168485
Update Available for Window.External JScript Security Issue Q191200
Update Available for "Untrusted Scripted Paste" Issue Q169245
Update Available For "Frame Spoof" Security Issue (Q167614) Q167614
Windows Update Wizard Uninstall Documentation Error in Help Q194847
DirectX 6.0 Err Msg: Your Operating System Is Windows 98 Q191106
WINUP-NetZIP Utility Installed; Unable to Access Windows Update Q195437
WINUP-How To Install the Windows 98 Year 2000 Update Q197408
WINUP-What Issues Does the Windows 98 Year 2000 Update Address? Q197404
Windows 98 Year 2000 Update May Not Update Io.sys File Q197835
WINUP-Drivers Available For Download From Windows Update Site Q197681
Cannot Use Java Controls on Web Pages Q183411
INFO: Microsoft Libraries Update: What, Where, Why Q197298
Common Command-Line Switches for Self-Installing Update Files Q197147

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Y2k Help

Microsoft Windows 98 Year 2000 Update README File (Q168116)
Availability of the Windows 98 Year 2000 Update (Q167075)
Windows 98 Year 2000 Update May Not Update Io.sys File (Q197835)
Unable to Install Windows 98 Year 2000 Update (Q200843)

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Other "Stuff"

Computer Stops Responding After You Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE (Q195164)
Resource Kit Contains Wrong Selective Acknowledgement Settings (Q195018)
Telnet Connection Seems Slow (Q214432)
Problem with Real-Mode Keyboard Driver and Intl. Code Page (Q214408)
When You Point to a Menu the Submenu May Not Appear (Q214831)
No Message When Cookie Is Not Saved on Your Computer (Q201549)
Color 2 Box Unavailable When Choosing Active Title Bar Colors (Q199936)
Start Menu Policies May Not Work Using the Shell.adm File (Q199013)
Unable to Click Item in Drop Down List Box in a Dialog Box (Q216883)
Computer Hangs After 49.7 Days (Q216641)
The Windows 98 Config.txt File (Q232557)
MSN, The Microsoft Network Icon Not Updated During Upgrade (Q232081)
All File and Folder Dates Changed to a Date in 1980 (Q231691)
Messages Disappear from Inbox after Reading (Q230448)
Volume Label Not Displayed in Windows Explorer or My Computer (Q232943)
Cannot Open Documents from the Quick Launch Toolbar (Q232804)
Cannot Use the Internet or Post Office Protocol After Upgrade (Q232759)
The "Save System Files" Dialog Box May Not Be Displayed (Q232614)
Custom Scanreg.ini Is Replaced with Default File During Upgrade (Q232578)
Program Window Resizes When You Run Accessibility Wizard (Q232329)
Virtual Memory Settings Reset to Default During Upgrade (Q231991)
Uninstalling Windows 98 Does Not Delete the Ebd Folder (Q231573)
No Sharing Button After Installing Internet Connection Sharing (Q236152)
ACPI-Enabled Laptop Prompts Twice for a Hardware Profile (Q235962)
Context Menu for Desktop Does Not Display Using Shift+F10 (Q232741)
Incorrect Response After Pressing Windows Logo Key Three Times (Q237846)
The Explorer Command Does Not Select the Correct File (Q237494)
System Date Reflects Changes While Date/Time Tool Is Open (Q237493)
Cannot Register Windows 98 (Q237335)
Contents of the Open and Save As Dialog Boxes Sorted Incorrectly (Q233526)
The Empty Recycle Bin Sound Is Played for All Menus (Q232923)
Error 59 When Changing Password with NET PASSWORD Command (Q237433)
Problems Joining Games Using Internet Connection Sharing (Q236429)
Nuts and Bolts Does Not Automatically Refresh the Screen When (Q232954)
Data Stored on Flash Media Is Damaged or Unreadable (Q232888)
Hard Disk Volume Label Missing After Formatting in Windows (Q229177)
Recycle Bin Does Not Close After Clicking Close Button (Q227104)
Logo Screen Appears with Logo=0 Entry in the Msdos.sys File (Q226112)
Power Meter Displayed in Taskbar After Installing Sound Blaster (Q239777)
The SHIFT+Delete Key Combination Sends Files to the Recycle Bin (Q239754)
You Are Prompted for Username and Password When Redirected (Q239546)
Microsoft Internet Directory Search May Return No Results (Q239476)
Untitled System Folder Appears in My Computer (Q238517)
Windows 95/98 TCP/IP May Retransmit Packets Prematurely (Q236926)
Left Mouse Setting Not Persistent in Mouse Tutorial (Q234950)
Internet Properties Button Does Not Work (Q233102)
Address Toolbar Starts Shortcut Instead of Web Browser (Q233052)
Iomega FindIt Causes Illegal Operation in Windows (Q232794)
Troubleshooting Settings for File System Properties Described (Q247485)
Tools Included with the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit (Q247024)
Microsoft NetWare Client Will Not Be Enhanced (Q246754)
FDISK May Not Work When IDE Controller Is Rebalanced (Q246387)
Point and Print Is Not Working on Computers Running Windows 95/98 (Q246210)
Animated Pointers Disappear on Compaq Presario Computer (Q246155)
Cannot Access Hard Disk After Booting from Floppy Disk (Q245162)
Windows 98 Clients Not Registered with Dynamic DNS (Q242000)
Cannot Delete Any Files in Windows (Q246726)
Copying Floppy Icon in the "Send To" Folder May Cause Problems (Q246659)
Windows 95 and Windows 98 File Access URL Update (Q245729)
System Restore Operation Failed; Error When Restoring Registry (Q245412)
Scanreg Does Not Back Up User.dat Files When Using User Profiles (Q245147)
CardBus PC Card Not Working on Toshiba Satellite Computer (Q245132)
No Old Password Visible When Changing Domain Password (Q245111)
Create File NCP May Not Function Correctly with Read/Write Flags (Q242193)
Hang on Resume with Ultra DMA Device and ACPI BIOS (Q239700)
Windows 98 Year 2000 Update 2 Requests Disk During Setup (Q244349)
Device Manager Only Contains a Computer Entry (Q244166)
ScanDisk Errors on IDE Hard Disks Larger Than 32 GB (Q243450)
8.3 Aliases Are Not Created at the Windows 98 Command Prompt (Q243390)
Cannot Browse Network Neighborhood if PDC Is on Separate Subnet (Q238853)
Removing DIGI Datafire Components Cause Fatal Exception Error (Q227159)
File SystemErrors (1026) When Attempting to Empty Recycle Bin (Q214403)
Screen Does Not Redraw Properly After Starting Director 5 (Q207225)
Correction in the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit (Q242764)
Sleep Button Setting Changes in Power Management Tool (Q242207)
Time Does Not Automatically Update When You Change the Time Zone (Q241965)
Some Camera Controls Lost After Upgrading Netmeeting 3 (Q241831)
Cannot Establish Multilink Connection Using 3Com PCI WinModems (Q241239)
Infrared Communication Does Not Work After Using Preptool (Q241225)
Unable to Set the GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize Parameter in Windows 98 (Q239731)
Converting 2-Digit Date to 4 Digits Using International Calendar (Q234559)
Explanation of User Interface (UI) Skins (Q253739)
No Network Adapter Listed When Using Internet Connection Sharing (Q253373)
Network Provider Prompts for Logon Credentials Unexpectedly (Q247805)
Hibernate Mode Causes Problems in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q245180)
PS/2 Port Appears to Be Disabled on ThinkPad Computer (Q209097)
Problems Using Banyan Vines 32-Bit Client with VPN (Q204642)
Unable to Create a New Web Folder (Q252617)
Windows Help Does Not Open from the Start Menu (Q252612)
Run-Time Error Message When You Start WordPad (Q252380)
Cannot View Files Other Than Bitmaps in Microsoft Paint (Q251351)
Cannot Start Phone Dialer from the Outlook Express Address Book (Q251266)
You Are Unable to Start a Program with a .exe File Extension (Q250931)
How to Reinstall Microsoft Windows 98 (Q250928)
Music Match Jukebox May Not Work When Opening Two .wma Files (Q250034)
CAPS LOCK Key on at Startup With Universal Serial Bus Keyboard (Q247853)
How to Configure a Peer Network (Q250927)
Your Computer May Have Problems When Resuming from Standby Mode (Q250830)
Install Option Is Missing on Shortcut Menu (Q250430)
Insufficient Disk Space Error Message During Backup to a File (Q250651)
Plug and Play Components in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\Bios Subkey (Q250534)
Mandatory User Profiles Do Not Work on Local Computer (Q250323)
Windows Update Web Page Is Displayed in Wrong Language (Q250288)
Multiple Recycle Bin Icons in Windows 95 and Windows 98 (Q249882)
Explanation of Regsvr32 Usage and Error Messages (Q249873)
Winipcfg/Ipconfig Incorrectly Display Adapter DHCP Information (Q249814)
Problems Starting Browser with Damaged Go!Zilla Installation (Q249248)
Sounds May Be Disabled Using PlaySound API with USB HID Devices (Q249146)
ICS Does Not Route IP Packets with Mismatched Static IP Address (Q248238)
Volume Control Disabled After Rebalance, Refresh, or Hot Dock (Q247398)
Unable to Play MIDI Device After Rebalance, Refresh, or Hot Dock (Q247396)
BUG CHECK Error in VIP; Error Message Obtaining a DHCP Lease (Q242962)
Creating a View of a File May Leak Pages of Memory (Q242161)
Documentation Errors in the Network.txt File in Windows 98 (Q249652)
Documentation Errors in the Network.txt File in Windows 98 SE (Q249651)
ICS Does Not Route IP Packets with Mismatched Static IP Address (Q248238)
APM Computer with Battery May Stop Responding During Shutdown (Q246817)
IDE Controller Is Disabled in Device Manager (Q245682)
Scanning Stops Using NEC Open Host Controller and HP USB Scanner (Q244594)
Update for 1394 Storage Peripherals in Windows 98 Second Edition (Q242975)
Computer Hangs When Removing DVD-ROM Drive From Bay (Q242534)
No Drive Letters Available When Attempting to Map Network Drive (Q248984)
Cannot View Properties of All Desktop Icons (Q248341)
Unable to Use ICS with PPPoE Access Manager Program (Q248015)
Cannot Install IBM 16/4 Token-Ring PCI Adapter in Windows 98 SE (Q247716)
Taskbar Missing in Windows 95/98 (Q247502)
Resuming While Docked Hangs During Dock Change Notification (Q247177)
Plug and Play Installation of IrDA Devices May Not Work (Q245005)
Windows Hangs Sending System Broadcast Message During Shutdown (Q242934)
Intel Pentium or Celeron CPU Identified Incorrectly (Q216204)

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