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Manchester United Quiz

Welcome to the Manchester United quiz, see if you're as smart as you think you are by winning our competition. Once you have the answers, e-mail them to me. The person with the most questions correct, wins. The top ten fans will have their name pasted accross the page for all the world to see!

Good Luck!

The Questions


1. Manchester Unitedís biggest ever crowd was,

a) 67,983
b) 78,241
c) 70,504

2. Who was the longest serving captain in Unitedís history?

a) Bryan Robson
b) Mark Hughes
c) Eric Cantona

3. How many domestic wins did United have in 1993/94, which was an all-time record?

a) 41
b) 43
c) 39

4.Apart from United, which other team has won the double twice?

a) Arsenal
b) Tottenham
c) Liverpool

5. How tall is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

a) 5ft 8ins
b) 5ft 9ins
c) 5ft 10ins

6. Unitedís best win was against Anderlecht in the European Cup, what was the score?

a) 9-1
b) 10-0
c) 10-2

7. In the summer of 1991 United used four goalkeepers in consecutive matches, Schmeichel, Walsh, Sealey, and who else?

a) Mark Bosnich
b) Kevin Pilkington
c) John Lukic

8. Which Year did Ron Atkinson take over as United boss?
a) 1982
b) 1981
c) 1979

9. Who recently scored four goals against Premiership strugglers Nottingham Forest?

a) Dwight Yorke
b) Any Cole
c) Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

10. Who finished top scorer for United in the 1992-93 season?

a) Ryan Giggs
b) Mark Hughes
c) Eric Cantona

11. Which year did United win the European Cup?

a) 1967-68
b) 1966-67
c) 1968-69

12. What was the score against Monaco in last years Champions League quarter final second leg?

a) 0-0
b) 1-1
c) 2-2

13. How much did United buy Dwight Yorke for?

a) £11.7m
b) £12.4m
c) £12.6m

14. Dwight Yorke plays his international matches for which country?

a) Jamaica
b) Trinidad & Tobago  
c) South Africa

15. Jesper Blomqvist was bought from which club?

a) Parma
b) Inter Milan
c) Gothenburg

Rob Irwin