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...A Thousand Words...Poetry

"Birth of a Soul Mate"

Long lay the winter that slept in me like a child,
With sheets of snow and ice buried in a secluded forest,
And there the air fell heavy on my heart with the weight of death,
And yet life lived on like some forgotten secet in a song,
And the echo of the night came through in silent flight,
And left me deft to worlds around!
And the sun never showed it's mercy on me,
Until a light from your soul cast in me an awakening
That floated gently through the dawn,
And the sunrise arose in me with such a heat,
That it pierced my soul,
and brought instant tears,
That fell on a fresh green grass which I suddenly knew,
And I reached out a trembling hand, and touched the morning dew.
And laying my head against your chest,
I heard your heart beating In perfect rhyme with my own,
and it reminded me of a thing called love,
Which I could now recall like an old friend,
who once held my hand As I went quietly into the night,
and I was deft no more!
And the Summer breezes blow through me now in these days of holy,
And your smile lights a path,
so I can follow wherever you go,
And nothing can keep me from you now,
not even the driven snow!

--by Renee Wyatt(no email), contributed by Utena

"The Lighthouse"

Another stormy night was foretold
The howling winds lash out with fingers cold
Deafening claps of thunder violently shake
The struggling ship counter moves for a break

A glimmer of light off in the distance
The sky swells with the clouds' shimmering dance
There, again, I see its flicker
Through the encroaching fog, grows thicker

The solitary lighthouse stands
Enclosed safe within the dunes of the remote land

Tossed, torn, and drawn in conflicting ways
A celestial child's toy with which to play
My ship becoming a sought after ragdoll
Trapped within its clutches with only one way to fall

The guardant lighthouse illuminates
What the fierce ocean claims to state

The steady beat of faraway peace
We set course with prayers that the Tempest will cease
Let us not languish over decisions made
With only One choice the ship did'st bade

The comforting lighthouse holds true
Out amongst the ridges of solemn depravity this clue
Safe harbor is but only in this direction
A change by degree is the necessary correction.

--by Mrs. Anna Noe. Words of Mrs Anna Noe: "It is about both my daughter and myself suffering abuse over a 6 year period and finally coming to the conclusion of leaving." I felt as though I should include this poem; a obligation, maybe...


"She's to pure to understand," they said,
"She'll only cry those dreadful saltless tears."
But she's crying saltwater, I know,
Because the tears are coming from my eyes.
Once again I was misjudged,
Taken for the perfect human replica
Of the pink satin ribbon they've
Used to tie up the box I don't fit into.
Violet eyes don't make me sweet,
(Look again, they hold gray clouds)
And the girl behind the mask
Lets her imagination soar
Among the stars far away
Where they can't pin it down.
I hold the key to destruction
And the shadows in my hair
Are the shades of the Muses.

--by Esti Brennan of Crystal Roses. You can find some of her pictorials here.

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