Lemonjella's Lair -- A Fan Page for "Detention"
"It doesn't matter what we do or say / 'Cause in the end the teachers always get their way." -- A line from the theme song
What on Earth is "Detention"?
First things first, let me welcome you to my "Detention" page, probably the only such fan page on the Internet. You're wondering what it is you say? Well, it was a Bob Doucette show that ran during the 1999-00 WB season, and was rerun for the 2000-01 season in spite of no new additional episodes beyond the 13 already made. This was due to the FCC's E/I (Education/Information) regulations and the fact that "Detention" was considered an informational show (it taught about certain values that kept people out of detention, though I do not see how).
Well, What Was It About?
Oh, wait, you wanna what the show was about huh? Well, it was about the life and times of 8 students (mostly idiots, except for a pair of brainies) and how they got into trouble at school, and wound up getting detention with a certain teacher who behaved as if she were a military officer, and bossed them around like soldiers, calling them "Private", citing school rules like military rules etc. Everyone had a little quirk: One had a pig who always followed her around, another used a yo-yo to talk, another was paranoid about everything, and so on.
How Come Have I Never Heard of It?
The show came out at what was a pretty dark time for animated comedy on WB, as it was the only comedy premiered that year (the following year would see just "Generation O"), and the only other comedy that was on at the time was the educational "Histeria" (only there due to said FCC regulations). In fact, the 2001-02 lineup not only didn't have "Detention", the other animated comedies weren't there either. In short, they had an all-drama line up at the time (this would be rectified by the next season with the new generation of comedies like "Mucha Lucha" and "What's New, Scooby Doo?"). Me, I'm still lobbying for the WB to bring back Road Rovers.
Well, What Else Have You Got?
Let's see what I've got for you to read: bios about the 8 students (and their detention teacher), review-wise summaries of many of the eps, and info on some of the cast. That's about it.
That's It? Where Else Can I Go, Then?
Well, on the Internet, there's very slim pickings when it comes to "Detention"... but here are some somewhat relevant links.
The "Jump the Shark" page for this show. Pretty slim. Mostly "this show is a ripoff of Recess"-type comments.
A review of "Detention" from Simply Family.
An article on "Detention", as archived from the now-defunct Yesterdayland website.
Toonarific's "Detention" page. Full of pics.
"Detention" info at IMDB.
One Last Question: Why "Lemonjella's Lair"?
Lemonjella is the name of one of the characters on the show. Plus, it sounded catchier than anything else I thought up... C'mon, if you did a page on this show you'd try to not call it "So and So's Detention Page", wouldn't you?