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Tiaan Strauss

Club Eastern Suburbs
Position No.8
Height 189cm
Weight 104kg
Born 28-6-66
NSW Matches 12
NSW Debut 1998
1998's Waratah of the Year, Tiaan Strauss is a former Springbok and Western Province captain. Recruited just last season from Sydney's Cronulla League club he proved a valuable and popular team asset. He won broad acclaim displaying world-class form at number eight. After becoming eligible to play for Australia in 1999 Strauss was quickly recruited into the Wallaby World Cup squad. His defence and powerful running were enhanced with his two seasons in league. A qualified solicitor, Strauss played 15 Tests for South Africa after making his debut against France in 1992. His last Test was against Argentina in Johannesburg in 1994. Between 1986 and 1995 he played 158 matches for Western Province. Over his two seasons with Cronulla he played 18 first grade matches.

The interview


Having come for the small farming-town of Upington,   did you find it difficult to adjust to life in the land of Oz ?

I like Australia. I think environmentally it's a nice place. It has great sporting facilities,  which will always insure that Australia is at the top of world sport - obviously the perfect place for pro-sportsmen like myself to ply his trade. The people are friendly too. Yeah - I am happy.

How do you feel about playing for Australia in the World Cup? Would you still play for the Springboks if you were asked to this moment?

I have a contractual agreement with Australia,  which I decided on last year. 

How do you see yourself, after the world cup ? After everything you've been through, in your career, would football still be fun for you?

I will have to see. Maybe I will retire, possibly with a 'cool-down' season in England. I don't know. I haven't made a decision yet.

What hobbies do you enjoy, outside of football?

I enjoy fishing, I like my golf. I like flying - for which I recently go a license. 

What would you change, as you look back on your rugby career ?

That's a difficult one - I'm not sure.  I had a pretty good run. I am happy with what I achieved. but if I could push back time,  I suppose I would have liked it if South Africa could have been playing a little bit earlier, like in the 80s, that would have been nice. 


What sort of things do you do as a player during the season in order to improve your game or maintain your fitness etc ?

I go on the NSW special programme. I've never really had any weight problems, so I'm not fussy with my food. I like my red meat. I eat red meat often. (4 times a week) But I stick in my veggies, now and then.  Basically if you're playing,   just make sure you always have a decent meal every day - I think that comes from being a farm-boy.

Tiaan, you are a very exciting and solid member of the Warratahs, if there is one tip, you would like to give to youngsters who are playing the game,what would it be?

To, never lose patience with your progress. If you don't believe you can play to your best, then there is no way you can succeed. Never loose confidence in yourself !

'Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul - the blue-prints for your ultimate achievements'