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Welcome to the Red Samurai Guild!

warriors have visited this page since July 10th, 1999.

January 3, 2001:
All right, some new members are coming in and it looks like we will start getting back on our feet soon. A note to those of you who sent your requests to join during the last week or so (and haven't been posted on the members page - check it, I may not reply to your e-mails but I do post you), please send those requests again. Start playing with the new player character (the one in the Red-Devils clan - ask me for the password by ICQ or e-mail)

and get us known! And if you play someone who you think is good and is an honorable player, if he's not already in a clan tell him about the Red Samurai Guild!

November 28, 2000:
A new beginning. It has been long since our days of glory, and many have long since forgotten them. But even though the flag of the Red Samurai Guild is old and withered, and few, if any, still follow it, I refuse to put it down. The castle lies in ruins, and it seemed to many that our former glory will never be restored. It is time to rebuild. I have sent out messengers to all the proud men who once called themselves Red Samurai, praying for their responce and aid. I have already received notice from 3 of our warriors, who would still be proud to carry the Red Samurai Guild banner. Since I didn't send out the messengers very long ago, I am still patiently waiting for the responce of others. When we will have gathered, we will hold a meeting, on "THE DAY WHEN WE ROSE FROM THE ASHES". Soon afterwards, we will start recruiting new, young samurai who would also be willing to join us and aid us in our revival. I am ready to accept requests to join even now, so if you have come before and found no-one, if you re-apply now, you will get a responce. May our best days still be ahead of us.

- Avenging Warrior