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Products and Services

DISCLAIMER: SWA does its best to screen advertisers, but can in no way guarantee the products or services to produce the results promised. It is encumbent upon the purchasers of said products or services to evaluate them independently. SWA disclaims any liability, whether for time, money, or consequences material or otherwise.

Advertisements of Services

Free sample edit offered for completed book-length fiction and non-fiction. Services include substantive/developmental editing and copyediting. Editor/novelist has two novels currently represented by literary agent to New York publishers. Contact Ray Rhamey, www.editorrr.com, ray@editorrr.com, 206.291.8758.

Advertisements of Products

SWA will list offers to provide products here.

Paid Advertisements

Policy, Requirements and Rates

General Requirements

  1. Must be related to writing: education, editing, publication, promotion.
  2. SWA reserves the sole right to refuse any advertisement that it deems not suitable for any reason whatsoever.
  3. The advertiser assumes all responsibility for the consequences of advertising with SWA, including but not limited to payment and encounters with customers.

Assurance of Performance and Quality

Please answer as many of the following as you can in the category you are going to advertise in (Services / Products).

Services Ads

  1. Briefly describe the service.
  2. Your qualifications? Special training? Experience?
  3. Personal recommendations?
  4. What do you charge?
  5. Do you offer guarantees?

Products Ads

  1. Briefly describe what does the product do?
  2. What is its track record?
  3. Customer testimonials?
  4. What does it cost?
  5. Is it guaranteed?
  6. Refund policy?

Rates and Duration of Ad

  1. Basic Ad: Up to 30 words (exclusive of your name, phone, and email)
    and 1 photo or banner ad (1 MB max).
  2. Basic Rate: $5.00 (non-member $10.00)
  3. Additional: $3.00 for up to 30 more words (non-member $6.00)
    $1.00 each additional photo or banner (non-member $2.00).
  4. Duration: 3 months (approximately 90 days).
  5. Payment: In check or in person to the SWA treasurer the month before the ad is to begin.
  6. Cancellation Polity: You may cancel the ad, but payment is non-refundable after the ad starts.

Coverage and Results
  1. During the month of December 2002, SWA's Website had 584 page views.
  2. Page views may result from one person viewing multiple pages and/or mulitple persons veiwing a single and/or multiple pages.
  3. Placing an advertisement may or may not result in a customer response, and SWA does not guarantee results.

Common Questions & Answers

Q. Do events and contests, such as PNWC, need to pay for ads?
A. Not generally. Well-established events and contests will continue
to be listed on our Website calendar.
Q. Do I need to be a member of SWA to list an ad?
A. No, but there is a significant discount if you are.
Q. Has SWA become a commercial enterprise selling ads?
A. No, not at all. We are still a non-profit, volunteer organization.
Q. Can I trust the advertisers on your Website?
A. We do our best to screen them, but ultimately it is up to you.
Q. Why can't I submit and pay for an ad electronically?
A. At present, SWA cannot accept charge cards for payment. The best we can do now is to have you email SWA the ad, then if accepted, mail the payment or bring it to a club meeting.

Paid Advertisements

Place an Advertisement

How to Place an Advertisement with SWA - It's Easy!
  1. Format your ad in an email.
  2. Attach e-photo(s), if desired.
  3. Email to SWA
  1. You will receive an email confirmation upon acceptance and
  2. A request to mail or submit the fee.
  3. Upon receipt of the fee, your ad will run for the next 180 days.

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