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Grand Master Kinkead

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Grand Master Kinkead
     Grand Master Kinkead has been involved in the Martial Arts for over forty years.  He began his training in 1960, and has studied boxing, wrestling and Aikijutsu as well as obtaining the very prestigious rank of 7th Dan, Grand Master in Shaolin Kuntao Kung Fu.  He is the Director of the system and holds Black Belt ranking in Aikijutsu.  Besides being a Martial Arts weapons expert, he has served as Director of Security for Executive Services Inc., and as a V.I.P bodyguard in Philadelphia, Pa.
     During the 1970's he served as an instructor to a select group of Special Forces and Airborne Rangers.  Grand Master Kinkead has owned and operated Martial Arts schools in both Philadelphia and Erie, and serves as Founder and Director of the American Fighting Arts Systems Inc.  Grand Master Kinkead also has been inducted into two major Martial Arts Halls of Fame.
     Grand master Kinkead is a Senior Advisor for Kung Fu to the Goshin Jutsu International.  He was inducted into the "Eastern U.S.A Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame in 1993, and Goshin Jutsu International Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame in 1996.  American Fighting Arts was named as the  "School of the Year" in 1995 by Goshin Jutsu International.



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