H8 Treatment
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This is the treatment I decided to do for my H8 idea hope you like it, email me at TheShapeH4@aol.com to give me your opinion....

Halloween 8 The Last Night HE Came Home

By Jordan Santos

After the aftermath of H20 it is apparent that Laurie Strode was knocked unconscience when she fell out of the coroner's van, thus this means that the shape is still alive. The shape gets Laurie and brutally stabs her to death, in a scary satanic scene. After the shape stabs her he puts her body in the coroner's van and cuts the gas line. The van explodes.

Once the cops get there they leave the ambulance there and let it burn for a while because they think it's Michael Myers, but one police officer doubts them. While the police settle while looking at the van, the shape gets away in one of the pedestrian cars.



After the aftermath of H20 it is apparent that Laurie Strode was knocked un-conscience when she fell out of the coroner's van. In an instant Laurie wakes up from her fall. She looks nervously. She walks to the van and the shape is gone. She looks around in fear and begins to walk away from the van. To her surprise she bumps in to something. She turns around to see what it is.


She begins to walk back in fear then she trips from the broken tree. And the shape attacks, he brutally stabs Laurie to death. He gets up and looks around, a herd of cop cars come in through the sides.

Kill him!

The screen goes black, gun shots set out. What happens is unknown.


NOVEMBER 5, 1998

A ambulance passes the road in a quick fashion. It passes the road fast.

The ambulance pulls up to a main gate. The gate opens, and the ambulance pass. As it drives in it passes a sign that reads “Smith’s Grove Warren County: Home of The Mentally Ill”

Smith’s Grove. Night. The entire asylum is on lock down, nobody gets in, nobody leaves. A ambulance comes in, in a fast rush. A medic exits the front and opens the back.
From the inside come two medics, with someone in a stretcher. It is unclear who it is, but the meds hurry up and get him inside.

You guys prep him? Made sure the therozine is in his bloodstream fully??

Yes doctor, he’s prepped.

Two doctors, RUECK and STERN, take the body. They begin to walk fast down the hall. They have a conversation of the “person” in the stretcher. They share some little insight on who it is.

They approach a room with a security guard.


The guys show them the passes. He looks at them closely.

Can you hurry we’ve got a live one.

The guard takes a peek and is astonished. He quickly lets them pass. The doctors pass through a long hall where they take notice of two people, DETECTIVES HOLMES and HARRIS. Holmes flashes their badges.

Is he ready?

Yes, Ma’am. Who are you?

We’re on post in case he’s not, who we are isn’t important, just check him fast. We’ll ask questions later.

The doctors stunned by this, just pass along into a doorway. They pass it to enter.

Surgery Room. The metal door closes shut as they get inside, no windows, no surveillance, this is strictly confidential. Rueck and Stern put the body on a examining table.

Man can you believe we get 10 grand for this. And we have to keep our mouths shut.
What the hell are we dealing with?

Evil, from what I’ve been told. They say he once took a hell of a lot of slugs and still
walked. Well it is certain why we have to keep our mouths shut, I mean this is (unveils
the body to show who it is) MICHAEL MYERS.

Rueck and Stern still awe at the site of the shape, they never even bothered to clean the
blood off him. Myers still in his jump suit, wearing his infamous mask.

Give him a lot of gas, and undress him. This is gonna get messy.


Hallway. Night. Holmes and Harris are sitting on a couch. Harris takes out a cigarette and sparks it up. Holmes sits on the couch dazing off somewhere.

Hey, since they’ve been in there for over two hours lets make conversation.

Holmes doesn’t even notice Harris.

Is it true that you worked with this guy and Loomis?

No reply. Holmes just sits there wondering.

Hello? (Waves her arms) What’s up with you?

Holmes gets out of his “day dream”.

Sorry about that, just remembering old times.

Yeah, well from I hear in your ghost stories your past is distorted. The guys call you a

Oh they’ll see who’s a quack if he ever gets up. They’ll see who’s a quack if he ever
goes for that boy. We’ll see who’s the quack.

Harris doesn’t reply. She just looks up and stares at the ceiling smoking her cigarette.


Surgery Room. Rueck and Stern are closing up a cut on the Myers body. The body is now in a white gown, with bandages over his head.

Pass me the scissors.

Stern passes the scissors. Rueck gets one final thread and cuts it.

We almost done? We covered like almost three dozen bullets. Why the hell do we have to
do this crap any ways. I mean he is a murderer.

A mental murderer, he aint right in the head. The docs still want to test on this guy, so
we have to close up some of his scars because the docs don’t want him dead for the

A mental murderer? Jeez you sound like Oprah.

Shut up and be happy were getting 10 grand extra, and a bonus. We never get that
shit this easily, or have you forgot that we aren’t those ER doctors.

Stern turns and looks at the x-rays.

I’m going to get some coffee, want some?

Rueck taking off the oxygen mask off the shape nods. Stern leaves.


Hallway. Stern walks out and sees the detectives staring at him.

What? I’m getting coffee.

Harris looks at him and points to her watch. Stern leaves the hallway.

Surgery Room. Rueck is sitting down closing and opening his eyes. He rubs them.
He looks at the body. Just as he is closing his eyes he notices that the body twitches.

What the? Nah, can’t be.

Rueck walks over to a sink and washes the blood off his gloves. From the b.g. the shape’s arm moves to the medical tray and gets a surgery knife. Rueck doesn’t notice.

Rueck finishes washing his hands and walks over to the body.

Okay, Mr. Myers time to go back in.

He puts the oxygen mask on the shape’s face. He looks for his incision knife but it’s

What the f--
Out of nowhere the shape stabs Rueck in the gut with the knife. Rueck makes a gargling noise as the shape gets up off the table. He picks Rueck off his feet. The
shape looks at Rueck as he dies. The shape tilts his head and drops the body.

He turns around and sees his coveralls, but no mask.

Hallway. Detective Holmes waits on the couch anxiously. Stern walks up them.

Here, thought you guys might need it.

He hands Holmes and Harris some coffee.

He walks up to the metal door, but it doesn’t open. He slides in his car but it still doesn’t

Ugh, guys this door won’t open.

Holmes walks up to it. He puts his card in, but it still won’t open. Holmes gets out
his walkie-talkie and tells the control center to open the surgery room door.

The door opens. Holmes walks in to find Rueck on the floor dead. Holmes takes out his
gun and looks around. He sees that a part of the ventilation shaft is burst wide open.
He calls in to his radio.

Get your staff on alert! He’s gone!


Outside Smith’s Grove. Night. Holmes runs out and looks around at the parking lot.
There are only six cars parked. He looks at the cars but doesn’t see the shape. He walks
back and HEADLIGHTS quickly emerge from the b.g.

He turns to see the ambulance turn on. It drives right into Holmes who barely moves out
of the way. Holmes turns to the ambulance which now bursts through the gates of
Smith’s Grove. He looks down at the ambulance where the shape is in.

Harris runs up to Holmes.

What happened?
He’s gone! The evil is gone!

Through the thick dead night the headlights disappear into the darkness.




House. Night.

POV- A house is seen through the cold frosty night. We around and begin to walk to the side of the house. Through the window lie two people, JOHN STRODE and someone else. They begin to walk upstairs. The pov goes back to the front and looks up, the
window on the second floor qucikly turns off. We slowly creep around the side to
the back of the house. From their we approach the back door of the house and it opens.
Inside is the kitchen, we appraoch a frawer and a hand opens it. It takes out a large
butcher knife. WE slowly creep around the living room and see the staircase. We appeoach but go back behind a wall. A teenage girl comes down the stairs, she says bye,
and leaves the house. We begin to go up stairs into a hallway. We go up to a door on the
right. As we open it we see John watching TV with his head turned. We approach him
very closely. John turns around and scream “Michael!”. The hand raises up and begins
to stab John. John screams in utter pain.

As we stab John quick flashes of the shape are seen. He is stabbing John to death.


In an instant John gets up from his bed in a BIG shock. He looks around and touches
his body to check for marks, but he finds no wounds. He opens his rubs his eyes. All
of a sudden a clock alram goes on. John shuts it off. He turns to the window and sees
that the whole street is empty. Nobody is outside.

Outside Street. Morning. Through the entire street not a spec of life can be seen. The only thing that comes to mind is the leaves rustling across the concrete.



Haddonfield. Day. We pan through the street and see a particular house.
A familiar face comes outside, JOHN STRODE, now 18. He looks around the place and feels slightly odd.

As he walks down the street, his uncle, TOM STRODE, calls out for him and tells him about baby-sitting his cousin. John marches on to school, and notices something in the shape of a man looking at him from far across. He can't make it out, then a little boy, JIMMY STRODE, age 7 runs up to him.
John turns to Jimmy and together they walk on. John notices that the shape is gone. The two go on to school, without any doubts in mind.

VINCENT'S DRUGS a teenager and her sister walk into the store and look around, the teen goes up to a worker, the little girl is told to go to the costume aisle, while the teen and the worker make out. The little girl looks at the costume while, the shape near the aisle picks up a new knife.

The Shape watches the girl look at herself with a clown costume.

FLASH BACK- Halloween 4- Jamie Loyld is trying her costume and sees that she resembles Michael Myers as a little boy. - END FLASH BACK

The shape grabs a new mask, the girl is still looking at the costume, admiring it. The little girl gets scared and walks back, she bumps into THE SHAPE, who is putting on his new mask. The girl screams while the shape flings the knife at her.

From the other side of the store the scream of the little girl is heard, along with a broken glass sound. The teen and her boyfriend run up to the little girl and asks what happened, little girl - "It was the nightmare man, uncle Charlie." teen- "You probably saw a mask that scared, at least you're not hurt." The two leave the place, through a broken piece of glass we see the shape leave the place.


Highway 666. We see the car Holmes and Curtis were driving in sitting next to a pay phone. Holmes is inside a booth talking to someone. He repeats something, then hangs up the phone. He gets back in the car and the two drive on.

Curtis brings up an argument that sets off Holmes. She denies that Myers is alive, and that Holmes is just a loony, Holmes no longer can hold it in and yells at her.

I'm sick of everyone telling me that I'm crazy, but you people never had to see Myers day after day! You can't tell me that you touched his cold hearted body, and feel an evil presence! Have you ever looked into his eyes, have you? Well I spent have touched him and seen into his eyes, and all I saw was PURE EVIL.

What the hell are you talking about?

On February 27, 1970 I started working in Smith's Grove. I couldn't graduate my psychology course so I started working there to see if they would give me a chance after a while. For eight years I worked with Loomis and Myers, like a second string, I thought it would help me, but it drove me to believe Michael was evil. For years Doctor Loomis and I worked with Michael but we had found nothing, near his twenty first birthday Loomis was going to ask the state court to move Myers to a maximum security he needed my word to send him there but I didn't.

Why didn't you testify?

The day before Loomis was going to testify, Dr. Wynn told me that if I testified I would lose my licensee and I'd have to leave Smith's Grove. With that threat I never showed up, Dr. Loomis was ashamed and put me out of the Myers' testings. For showing my graditude I was allowed to have patients later but the guilt never left. Finally on October 30, 1978 Michael Myers escaped. To this day the guilt never left, that's why I'm a cop now. I have to know that the world has rid of him for good.

Holmes and Curtis drive on without speaking, as they pass a sign that reads "Haddonfield 73 miles".


High School. Afternoon. The teacher is teaching her class, the topic is FATE. John is sitting in his seat and he is looking at a girl, the girl is blonde with a good body, and a nice face.

John looks at her then he notices that she passes a note back to him.

NOTE: “Hey, Rachel are you doing anything tonight?”

“No, not that I know of. WHY?”

“Well, since I’m baby-sitting, and my little friend is going to bed early, I was wondering if you wanna spend Halloween with me.”

“Well, let me think about it for a second.”

“It’s been one second, I’ll make this night great, candles, romance, xoxo.”

“Well, I’ve let you wait long enough.”

John gets a happy look then notices that Rachel gets called on by the teacher, he does off and looks out the window, and sees the football field. He looks closer and sees the shape of man down the football field. He notices it and looks closer, it looks like the janitor but he's not sure. The shape is standing behind a station wagon, staring directly at him.

John is about to look closer then his teacher calls on him.



Answer the question.

Can you repeat it?

What were Samuel's thoughts on fate?

John thought for a second then saw something in his book.

Ugh, Samuels wrote that fate was a metaphor for a simile.

The class laughs out loud.

Is that so, maybe you should turn to page 187, to find the right answer.

John looks his book and realizes he was on the wrong page. He looks out to see the shape, but it's gone. Nothing is there except the old grass football field.

JANITOR'S OFFICE. The Janitor walks in his office after a long day of work. He hears the sixth period bell ring, he makes a remark. He looks around the office and sees that someone trashed it a little. He gets a little disturbed and inspects it.

He notices that his closet was jammed open, he looks inside but nothing is gone. He goes up to his shelf rack and looks through it, but nope nothing is gone. He sits down and takes a break. He turns on his TV and notices that his hands are dirty. He goes up to the sink and hears a CREEK, it's coming from the equipment closet. He looks at it and notices a shiny metal object move into the darkness.

He threatens the thing in the closet, and takes out his razor. As he gets closer, someone grabs his shoulder. The janitor turns around and gets ready to stab it, but it is only MR. CORNELL. Cornell asks him if he's all right and the two calm down. Cornell gives the janitor a new clean suit, he hangs it up on a rack near the door.

The janitor looks at the closet again then just turns away from it. He goes to the sink to wash his hands. The janitor put his face in the water and washes it. As he is doing that he doesn't notice the shape walk past him.

Another CREEK is heard and the janitor looks turns around and sees that the door is WIDE OPEN. He walks up to it and looks outside. The hallways are empty. He goes back in his office and notices that his suit is GONE.


Graveyard. Detective Holmes and Curtis are driving into a lot with the gravedigger inside. They all exit the car and go up to the graves. As they approach the grave, the gravedigger makes a remark on some events similar to the Haddonfield murders, only the killer's name is Charlie Bowles.

As he almost finishes the story, he looks at the graves. He gets mad and walks up to a missing headstone.

Why do they do it? God damn kids.

Who's grave is that?

18, 20 . . . Jamie Loyld . . .

He came home . . .

ACT TWO: The Return

Police Station. Mid-day. Detective Holmes and Harris enter the station where the cops are lying around. Holmes and Harris demand that Haddonfield to be warned of the danger that comes. The cops don’t believe them and deny the claim.

After an argument Holmes explains the cover up to the H20 incident. He explains to the cops that The California State Police and the FBI covered up the bodies and never showed them to the public. Every file on Laurie Strode was either shredded or burned.

The cops finally give in to Holmes’ understanding and tells them about the fair happening later on. Holmes and Harris give them the word to patrol the
streets and the carnival. The cops do as they say, and Holmes and Harris leave the scene to meet an old friend.


Doyle House. Near dusk. Holmes and Harris go to the house of TOMMY DOYLE to ask questions regarding the shape. They talk more about the events prior to H20. Tommy tells them that he had theories on Myers, but they were never proven true.

They talk more and include the events between 1988-1995, as they get more into the subject Tommy shows divorce/adoption/legal papers concerning
the Myers’ family.

In the conversation, Tommy brings up the fact that Stephen, the little baby from H6, died from severe trauma to the head. They had to take him off support due to the suffering which was caused.

Holmes and Harris decide to take Tommy as a partner to help track down Myers.


Streets. The moon is rising. All the police officers are patrolling the streets by cars and by foot, some officers talk to the people walking the streets telling
them to go to festival.

From behind the bushes something moves. It is unclear to what it is. A police officer sees it, and stops his car. He gets out and inspects the bushes. He looks closer, but can’t see anything. After a while a DOG jumps out and runs away the officer gets startled, and walks back to the car.

He walks back in his car and calls the radio to report it was nothing. The guy talks to himself. Then he notices that the car window is getting foggy. He touches it and hears someone BREATHING. Out of nowhere the shape jumps from the back s eat and begins to STRANGLE the officer. The officer struggles, but the shape pulls out a KNIFE and slits the officer’s throat.

The officer lays dead in blood. The shape puts the officer in the back, and gets in the front seat. He turns the on the car and begins to drive it down the street. The car goes past the street then turns into another street.


Strode House. Night. The Strodes are walking out of the house, when they see that John is coming down the stairs. The parents tell John what time to put Jimmy to sleep, they say the number procedure, then exit the house.

The parents walk by a bush and they don’t notice that the shape gets up.
He watches the parents drive on, and turns to see another car park in front of the
house. Rachel, the girl from the school , she gets out and walks up to the door. John opens it and lets her in.

Strodse House, inside. John takes her coat off and shows her in the living room. On the couch sits a 7 year old Jimmy. John tells her that he’ll be in bed by nine, but she doesn’t seem to mind much.

They begin to watch John Carpenter’s THE FOG. John and Jimmy don’t get scared, but Rachel cuddles with John. As they watch the movie John thinks he hears a noise like someone is breaking in. He hears it closely, but just watches
the movie.

The back door of the house is wide open, then slowly closes. John hears another noise but can’t make it out, so he goes to the other room to inspect it.
He sees a white object move, and gets closer. Rachel walks in the room and begins to kiss John. They talk a little then kiss more. A small little object is seen coming closer, then out of nowhere the doorbell RINGS.

John and Rachel get a little mad then they go to the door to open. They open the door and standing there is Detective Holmes, Harris, and Tommy. They speak to John about tonight, tell him that Myers is alive. John denies that Myers is alive. Holmes tells John that Michael’s body never burned in the explosion, it was Laurie.

John begins to cry a little, but manages to get his act together. Tommy explains what is going to happen tonight, and everyone else agrees. Rachel tries to get out of it, but Holmes tells her that Myers already saw her and she might be a possible target.

Holmes, Harris, and Tommy lock up the house from front to back. They nail the doors and stuff closed, but what they don’t know is that THE SHAPE is in the house.

Tommy puts John, Rachel, and Jimmy in an upstairs room. Rachel talks to John about Michael Myers and asks him what he has to do with it. John tells her his family background and explains that he is Michael Myers’ only living relative.

Rachel get scared, but John holds her tight. The two lay in bead with Jimmy sleeping by their legs.

Holmes goes up to the back door and locks it. He puts a table in front of it, for support.

Tommy is helping put stuff in front of the windows.

Harris is patrolling the house with a flashlight.

When they finish re-enforcing the house Holmes and Harris tell Tommy that they
will check the festival and the streets for Myers. Tommy agrees to stay at the house to protect the kids.

Tommy goes upstairs and talks to the kids, he asks to talk to John alone. The two
go outside of the room. Tommy tells John to keep his eyes and ears open
Before Tommy goes to inspect the house, he hands John a metal bat for protection.

John goes back in his room and notices that Rachel and Jimmy are asleep. He goes out of the room and begins to inspect the upper hall.

Strode house, inside. The house is empty, no one is in it accept Tommy, John, Rachel, Jimmy, and the shape. The bathroom, living room, bed room(s)
are all empty, but the heavy breathing of the shape is heard.


Streets. Night. Holmes and Harris are walking down the streets talking about Myers. Holmes brings up Jamie, Myers’ niece. He talks about why he would take
her headstone and not Judith’s like before. He thinks but he forgets about it.

Harris talks about how she used to here stories of Michael Myers, she said that she always had an inner fear about him, but she never expected to catch, nor see him.

Harris brings up that she got into crime to get rid of scum in the world, she says that she helped kill other killers like him. She mentions about doing a FBI thing to catch some killer in a forest.

Holmes stops her in conversation and mentions that he sees something, he points it out. The two take a closer look and see that it is a person, no it’s MICHAEL MYERS.

Holmes and Harris chase down Michael. Michael turns to look at them and turns away and begins to walk faster. Holmes pulls out his gun and threatens to shoot.
Michael speaks, “Don’t shoot!”

Holmes goes up to it and takes off his mask, to reveal CARL TRAMER. Harris asks him what he was doing and he responds by going to parties and drinking.
Holmes and Harris tell him to go home, and Carl leaves.

Holmes makes a comment, on Carl’s uncle BEN TRAMER, the kid who got hit by a car on Halloween(H2). He says it’s odd that Carl almost had the same fate
as his uncle.

Harris makes a comment like she realizes something. She looks at a car, and points it out.

Look a police car, what’s it doing here.

Holmes and Harris go up to it and see that an officer is in the back seat. He appears to be sleeping. Holmes opens the door and pats the officer, no reply.
Holmes pulls up the officer, Holmes gets startled. The officer is DEAD.

oh my god, this means. John.

Holmes runs down the street while Harris follows him.

ACT THREE: The Last Confrontation

Strode house. Tommy is sitting on a chair and looks around the room. Someone comes from behind, the person is carrying a cup.

Good, I needed coffee.

The person hands Tommy coffee. Tommy sits there and drinks it.

John, it’s almost over, you think you’ll make it?

No reply.

Tommy turns around

John, are you o....

Standing there in front of Tommy is Michael Myers. Tommy goes for his gun,
but the shape grabs Tommy’s throat. Tommy drops the gun, the shape throws Tommy on a wall. The shape drives the knife deeply into Tommy's chest with a SLAMMING THUD, the other end of the knife stuck through the wall.

The shape steps back and begins to tilt his head admiring his work.

John is upstairs on the bed with Rachel and Jimmy. He kisses Rachel and goes down stairs. He looks at where Tommy was sitting on the chair. John calls out for Tommy but no reply. He hears a NOISE upstairs.

John goes upstairs and looks around. He notices that one of the closet doors is open a little. John goes up to it and looks inside. He doesn’t see anything and gets out.

He rests on the stair case then from the closet the shape approaches John, but John doesn’t even notice. The shape is getting very close but John turns and sees him.
The shape barely slices John’s shoulder, but John falls off the balcony.

John lands on the floor hard but he’s still able to move, with a cracked leg.
He heads for a door but sees Tommy on it, John screams and opens the door,
and gets in the closet.

The shape comes down the stairs and looks around. He looks at the door Tommy is hanging from. The shape tries to open the door but it’s locked. He pushes it,
but then he begins to stab it.

From the inside John gets the pocket knife and takes it out. He stabs the shape
in the throat. The shape falls back falls to the floor.

John gets out and looks at the shape who is on the floor. John bolts upstairs and
tries to get in the room but it’s locked. Rachel asks who it is, and John replies.
Rachel opens the door and hugs John she tells him that she locked the door because she heard a noise.

John is about to leave with her but notices that Jimmy is missing. He looks around the hall. They run downstairs and see Jimmy touching the shape’s hand.

John tells Jimmy to get away. Jimmy turns and looks at John, no one notices that the shape’s hand twitches. Jimmy gets up, and the shape sits up.

John gets Jimmy and they begin to run to the kitchen. John sees that there is stuff in front of the glass door. John and Rachel try to move the stuff, and Jimmy closes and locks the kitchen door so the shape won’t get in.

John manages to move stuff off, but the shape begins to hit the door. Jimmy begins to cry, but John finally opens the door. He makes Jimmy and Rachel go first. The shape’s hand goes through the door.

John goes for a knife but it’s too close to the shape who just came in the room.
John runs out of the house.

The three kids run out to the street through the empty sidewalks. The shape barely gets through the back and sees the kids run.


Streets. Night. John, Rachel, and Jimmy run as fast as they can through the streets. John sees a house and points to it. He runs right up to it. The house is
The Myers’ House.

That’s the last he’d think I’d go.

Rachel and Jimmy get really scared, but follow John in the house.

Myers House. John, Rachel, and Jimmy get in through the back. The kitchen looks old and rusty but there is still some stuff inside from the previous owners.
John looks around begins to open drawers. He opens like four of them but finally finds the drawer he needs. Inside there is tons of knives. John picks two big
knives up.

The three head upstairs. They see a room that is near the corner. As they pass
a room they see an ax lying there.

John, Rachel, and Jimmy go in the room. They all sit down. John does off a little but tries to stay up.


Strode House. Holmes and Harris get in the house and look around.

What the fuck happened?

Harris doesn’t know they look around the house and see that everything
is messed up. Harris looks at a door and gasps. Holmes turns and sees Tommy hanging on the door with a knife stuck in him.

He was here. Go to the police station and phone for the state police, I’ll look
for Myers.


Myers House. John is laying against the door dosing off, but trying to stay
up. The harder he tries to stay up the more he falls to sleep. Finally he gives in and
falls into a deep sleep.

A CRACK noise is heard downstairs. John wakes up. He hears another noise.
John in fear wakes up Rachel and Jimmy. They wake up an John tells them to lock the door. He leaves the room and begins to walk down the hall.

He sees the ax on and picks it up. He goes downstairs. He walks into the living
room and looks around. One of the curtains is blown by the wind coming from
an OPEN window. John walks up to it and slices the window. Nothing.

He goes to the kitchen, everything seems in place. He checks the kitchen
closet, and still nothing.

He goes into the den, everything is fine. He checks the place with his ax, but
still can’t find anything wrong.

Finally he gives up and begins to head upstairs. From across the hall John calls
to Rachel. She opens the door and gets out with Jimmy. John tells her it was nothing but he thinks they should leave. Rachel agrees.

Rachel takes a few steps and from behind the door the shape approaches her.
John tells her to run but it’s too late. The shape stabs Rachel right through the back with a butcher knife. She begins to make a gargling noise as she dies from
the severe wound.

Jimmy screams and runs to John. He looks in horror as his girlfriend is being
held up, she tries to resist but finally dies. The shape looks at her then drops her.
John and Jimmy run down stairs.

John tells Jimmy to hide. Jimmy runs somewhere in the darkness.

The shape comes down from the staircase ready to kill. He comes down to the bottom and looks around. He turns to the den and sees Jimmy standing there.
The shape tilts his head, and begins to approach Jimmy. Jimmy cries out to John,
but no one comes.
Finally John comes from behind the couch and swings the ax at the shape’s chest. It directly hits the shape on the chest, the impact sends the shape back.
Jimmy hides while John takes out the ax, and begins to repeatedly stab the shape
with the ax.

The shape responds and grabs the ax and throws John and the ax down. John
and Jimmy run out. John and Jimmy decide to run upstairs. The shape gets to the staircase just as he sees Jimmy run into the hallway.

The shape begins to stalk Jimmy. He walks in the hallway and looks around. He
notices that one of the doors is open. The shape walks down the hall going to
the room.

The shape steps in the room and looks around, he sees the closet and goes up to
it. He begins to open it and Jimmy starts to cry. The shape is trying to open it but it’s locked he begins to break open the closet with his hands. He looks inside and
sees only Jimmy inside.

Coming in from the door is John with two knives. He goes up to the shape and begins to stab him over and over. The shape stumbles back but John keeps
on stabbing the shape finally the shape falls over.

John goes up to the limp body of the shape and looks at it in anger. He raises the knife high, then in one fatal swift, he impales the shape in the heart. John moves
away from the body goes to the closet.

He calls Jimmy out they both walk over to the door frame. John tells him to run
down the street to the Mackenzies’ house, and call for help. Jimmy runs out of the room.

John sits on the door frame and rests. The shape sits up in the background.

Myers’ house. Night. Jimmy runs out of the house screaming. Holmes notices Jimmy and goes to the Myers’ house.

John gets up and is about to leave, just as the shape gets up and begins to walk
toward John.

John walks out of the room into the hallway. From the door the shape lunges at
John and begins to choke him. John struggles and tries to escape but the shape
has him in a hard grip. John almost takes off the shape’s mask, but a SHOT is fired. The shape falls back, it was Holmes who fires at the shape. Holmes runs
up to the other room to see the shape, but the shape attacks him before he
gets in.

The shape throws Holmes to the floor and grabs John. He throws John on to
the floor.
Holmes gets up and gets his gun.

The shape grabs John, but John picks up a knife and stabs the shape. Holmes runs in and fires his gun at the shape. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

The shape almost falls back over the window but barely maintains his balance.
John rushes the shape with two knives and screams. He stabs the shape till both
John and the shape fall over the balcony.

John and the shape fall to the front porch to their death. Holmes runs up to the
window and looks outside. The shape and John lie next to each other, dead. Holmes looks at John in sorrow, he failed to protect him.

Holmes walks down the stairs and walks out the front. He face goes frozen he can’t believe what he sees. Their on the front yard lies John and IMPRINT OF
THE SHAPE. The shape is gone.

Through the dark streets of Haddonfield lies only the leaves which rustle across
the empty streets and houses.



John gets up and is about to leave, just as the shape gets up and begins to walk
toward John.

John walks out of the room into the hallway. From the door the shape lunges at
John and begins to choke him. John struggles and tries to escape but the shape
has him in a hard grip. John almost takes off the shape’s mask, but a SHOT is fired. The shape falls back, it was Holmes who fired at the shape. The shape comes forward and Holmes fires again. BLAM! BLAM!

The shape falls to the floor.

Come on, hurry.

John runs to Holmes, but picks up the ax which is on the floor. They both run downstairs. John is about to exit through the front, but Holmes stops him.

We can’t run anymore.

John understands Holmes and they both run up to a door. Holmes opens it and sees stairs that lead to the basement.

Basement. John and Holmes run into the basement. Holmes looks around and sees
a lot of boxes. John steps in puddles, he smells something and begins to cough.

What the fuck is that?

Gasoline, I put it here earlier.

Fuck that!

John tries to leave but Holmes tells him to wait. The shape makes way and begins
to come down. He slowly descends into the basement.


He takes out his pistol and begins to fire at the shape, but their is no bullets. He
pulls out a lighter but the shape slashes a knife at Holmes. Holmes falls to the floor knocking the lighter elsewhere. John on the floor tries to avoid the shape, but the shape is going for him.

On the floor Holmes tries to put two bullets in his gun. The shape gets in front
of John and positions to stab him, then from nowhere BLAM! BLAM!

The shape falls stumbles backwards. He holds his eyes in pain because Holmes
shot two bullets right in them.

Go on, get out, get out now.

John begins to climb the window, but before he leaves he looks at Holmes
and throws him the ax. John leaves, with only the shape and Holmes inside.

The shape begins to slash into the air trying to kill Holmes. Holmes looks at a fuse
box with wires. He looks back at Myers.

It’s time, Michael.

The shape stares at Holmes and tilts his head. Holmes swings the ax and slices the electric wires. The wires fall to the floor where the gasoline is. Both Holmes and the shape begin to get electrocuted. The place sets ablaze as the two die in

From the outside John runs outside where Harris and other cops are.

Where’s Holmes.

The house explodes from the fire. John and everyone outside watch the house
burn to the ground with the shape and Holmes in it.


Through the dark streets of Haddonfield lies only the leaves which rustle across
the empty streets and houses.



The house explodes from the fire. John and everyone outside watch the house
burn to the ground with the shape and Holmes in it.

John sits in with an inner joy that the shape is dead, then from the front porch
something approaches. It is the shape set on FIRE.

The shape walks out of the house and begins to walk through the grass. He approaches John. The shape stops then falls forward to the floor. He finally dies.

John looks at the shape but isn’t satisfied, he picks up a knife and walks up to
the body of the shape. He looks at it in horror.

Halloween is over!

He raises the knife and stabs the shape right in the back of the head, just to
make sure he’s dead. John stands there looking at the body.

Through the dark streets of Haddonfield lies the burning house. With that
it’s all over, 21 years of terror is over, the EVIL IS GONE.


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