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The Fork in the Road

I plan to explain a few things yet, but this is point where I stated I would take you to at the beginning of this project. Everything else you should be able to figure out yourselves. The main reason being that all the trikes go in different directions at this fork in the road. Helltrtike has a different shift tower, rear deck, and seating arrangement than Helltrike#2, and Helltrike #3 is different in some aspects than the others. And Larry trike is basically the same as Helltrike#1, in most aspects, withholding the modified tractor cab, rear deck, and handlebar setup. So at this point, you have the only common link to the four, the frame design. And even that is slightly different as one is a swing axle. I had a bad roll of film, and I lost 25 construction pics to be used on the last page. I do not feel like chopping apart my work just for a photo shoot, however that is what I shall have to do to re take those pics. for a CD-ROM project. This site shall remain under construction. From time to time more things shall be added to it.

My friend, Triker Don, has done all the web work on this site. If it were not for his generosity and hard work, you wouldn’t have seen pic one. Please stop by his site and show some appreciation. You can get to his site from here. , or from links on page one of my site. Don’t forget to sign his guest book and view his incredible trike photo collection. I would also like any of you who use portions of this project to send your trike pics to me when your done, and I will feature your creative works on this site.

Sponsorship.....My Billfold has been Your Sponsor

During this project I asked several manufacturers for their financial assistance in the form of their products in return for advertising, as this project was very expensive for me to present to you. I would like to give honorable mention to those that refused, as they obviously didn’t think this project was worth it for one reason another, but my friend Don, who is a kinder gentler person than I, talked me out of it. I was using some Black & Decker and Dewalt tools but they broke down during this project. My Dewalt Chop saw with it’s flimsy corrugated table twisted with almost every cut. I tried 3 on line B&D reps, and not one had the authority recommend or send a cheap switch paddle to me. {They all gave me their $$$ long distance parts # to call.} From now on I only buy the brands that NEVER give me crap like Metabo, who makes the best hand grinders I have ever used .. I own 3 of them!, Milwalkee, who makes Sawsall, {The tool God invented} and a 1/2” drill to kill for, and Makita, who makes a chopsaw with a good table, and their 4” grinders do the job. And I love my Millermatic 130 mig. None of these were sponsors, but I like their tools.

Where to go from here? I have given this considerable thought. As you have seen, I do not have a counter at my site. It broke down the first couple of weeks, so I had it permanently deleted. I have been using the Guest book for my assessment as to how this project is being received. So far I have had 39 guests! Mostly with very encouraging comments. Naturally there were a few who dropped in from the vast expanse between their ears to make a few totally irrelevant comments, and then beat a hasty retreat back to their innerspace cranial vacuum. { Look for the invisible DUH at the prefix of some entries.} Since only 39 expressed an interest in this, and since it is cost prohibitive for me to continue for such a low turnout, I have to go about this in another way.

I have printed out the remarks in the Guestbook. Those of you with favorable comments up to the number 39, can write to me at if you get hung up with something on the project up this point, and I will try to assist you, as long as it pertains to the material presented in Slacker G’s RoadArt. I appreciate every one of you, as far as I am concerned, it was the few who gave me some input that made it worth all the effort.

I plan to compile a library of photos for these respective trikes. These photos will be put on CD-ROM, along with the ones at this site. The way I shall do this is by request. If you want the rear seat deck for HellTrike#2 { pic HFA}, or #1{pic HFB}, or#3 {pic Helltrik}, or the shift tower for them, or the wiring diagram for them, or directions on how to hang the tanks, or modify the shifter linkage, or any number of other things, I will pick out the needed file photos and text, put it on a CD-ROM and send it to you. But only the set for the respective trike you are interested in. { The trikes pic’s on page Slacker1.htm at the beginning of the project.} Some of these files will be step by step, but others do not need such detail. I will have to hand draft the electrical systems. CD ROM just won’t do for that. This will me cost a lot of time and money, just as has what I have given to you freely already. I will make the CD-ROM, to fit your project needs, for $50.00 ea. If that seems expensive to you, consider the photography costs, the construction costs, the hours I will have to spend to do this, the time it takes just to compile and write on a CD-ROM from files, the cost of the CD’s and the writer, and on and on and on.

You do not have my permission to ‘give my work away’, and I would hope you would have the respect not to steal the food from my families table by “sharing” my CD-ROM information I entrust to you. You wouldn’t like it if I did it to you. I’m NOT Bill Gates, I’m self employed. If you are interested in this CD-ROM project, write me at If I see enough interest in it, I shall proceed with this new undertaking. I will not answer questions about the project through this E-main address. In fact any questions will be deleted, unless I am hired by some sort of previous arrangement by you. If I am to become Your personal project advisor, I need to be paid for my time.


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