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Here is ome of the Good Guys in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

The Sorceress of Greyskull,  she gave He-Man his powers and she gaurd the secrets of Greyskull from evil (SKELETOR).  She is Teelas mother.

He-Man,  the defender of Castle Greyskull and Eternia.  He is Prince Adam.

Prince Adam,  the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena.  He is He-Man.

Orko, he is a magician. His spells never work right.

Battle Cat,  he is He-Mans cat and he is Cringer.  He helps He-Man fight evil.

Cringer,  is Prince Adams scared tiger.He also turns into Battle Cat when He-Man transforms.

Teela,  is the Captain of the Gaurd for Eternos.  She is the Sorceress's daughter and Man-At-Arms adopted daghter.

Man-At-Arms, (also known as Duncan) he is an inventer and helps He-Man.  He is always yelling at Orko and is Teelas adopted father.

King Randor, is the King of Eternia and father to Prince Adam and Princess Adora.

Queen Marlena,  is the Queen of Eternia and the mother of Prince Adam and Princess Adora.

Stratos,  is a flying person he helps He-Man fight evil.

Ramman,  he is kinda dumb I would be too if I rammed my head into things.  He helps He-Man fight the Evil Forces of Skeletor.