I'm in the process of constructing an altar to the years 1980-1989.  This altar will serve not only as a monument to this great decade of pop culture gone by, but as an actual (well, virtual) place of meditation for those of us for whom full knowledge of the fact that our place in time can never be again is not enough to destroy some hope that it could happen (such is the mystery of faith).

You can help by sharing what the eighties meant -- and continue to mean -- to you.   Your input will be taken into consideration when the altar is erected.

My ultimate hero of the eighties was/is a(n):

That hero's name is:

That hero is my hero because:

And I am:

Please make me an Eighties Altar Trustee.  It will, of course, cost me nothing.  I wish to make my particular eighties-area expertise available for the benefit of this project.