04/14/99 I added a new poem!

04/14/99 I added an exciting link to my Mexico page.  Oh, and I changed the menu a little bit.

04/13/99 See pictures of me.04/12/99 Read what I wrote for Taurus at this week's The Stars are Right.

04/11/99 All the links on the index page are now red.  When you use them they turn green.  This is consistent with the Mexico theme I'd like to keep running.  Follow this link to read a very short poem I wrote last year.

04/10/99 I added a friendFriends are good.  Except when they're not.

04/07/99 My unofficial Erik Swedberg fan page is finally here!

04/07/99 I have a guestbook.   I have two exams tomorrow.  I shouldn't be messing with this site.  I'm pretty sure the guestbook actually works now.  Try it.  Sign the guestbook.   See who, if anyone, has signed the guestbook.

04/07/99 friend added, descriptions of friends, and rating system of friends' sites.  I wrote this week's Leo for this horoscope site. Read it.