Brian lives in Los Angeles and watches too much T.V.  His page sucks, so it is not listed here.  But it will be updated soon, according to him.  Despite these obvious shortcomings, he is like a sister to me.

Like me, Hans lives in Austin.  He likes Bjork and IRC, and doesn't eat vegetables.  He has an Erik Swedberg page.   Site rating: bart1.gif (165 bytes)bart1.gif (165 bytes)bart1.gif (165 bytes)bart1.gif (165 bytes)bart1.gif (165 bytes) (out of a possible 5).

I met Mitch at a Frank Black concert.  He likes milk, They Might Be Giants, cats, math, and lots of other stuff.  He lives in Austin and we hang out quite a bit these days.  He will soon have an Erik Swedberg page.                                         Site rating: bart1.gif (165 bytes).bart1.gif (165 bytes) X bart1.gif (165 bytes)^23 (out of a possible 5).

Tom is from the year 2070.  He was sent backwards through time by an unfrozen Steve Wozniak to bring about the resurgence of the Apple ][ operating system -- by any means necessary.  (This site has not yet been rated.)

Um ... I have a few other friends, but they don't have pages that I know of.  And I am ending a sentence with a preposition on purpose, because English is a Germanic language and should not be forced into the straightjacket of Latin grammar.