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To Touch The Sky


Dear God,
My name is Joseph, I am 7 years old, and I am a good boy. My legs have not worked since birth, and as You know, I am in a wheelchair. It doesn't make all that much difference to me God, because I have never known it otherwise, but I do have a dream.
My dream is to touch the sky. To fly. To be closer to you.
But how do I reach the sky God? My chair keeps me here on the ground. I am sure that between you and me God, we will find a way.

Yours Joseph


Dear God,
Today I won the most beautiful prize. It is a hang glider. I know you thought of it and sent it God. Thank you so much. But there is another problem God, my Momma is scared to let me use it. She thinks I will hurt myself. Daddy says he knows I'm a man, but Momma loves me and we don't want to make her upset.
Daddy is right God. I don't want to upset Momma, but I do so much want to fly. Will you help again please?

Love Joseph


Dear God,
I told Momma my dream, and she understood God. "We all need to reach for the sky." she said.
It took a long while to get ready, but on my 8th birthday, Daddy and Momma took me to the mountains. I was so excited I thought we would never arrive. When we got there, Daddy set it all up, and I helped too.
And finally Daddy strapped himself into the harness, and then with Momma's help, he strapped me against his chest. Momma kissed us both, and only cried a little God. Then Daddy ran down the hill.
And we were flying God. Right up there in the sky. I know you were there too, because I heard you whispering under my helmet. I heard you say "Welcome to my home." And I called back into the wind, "I'm touching the sky God. I really am. I hope You heard, because the wind is so strong up there?"
We went in a circle, and I saw Momma waving from the ground. She looked so very small. I waved back. She started waving both arms, and I could see her laughing.
It lasted forever God. Thank you so much for all your time.

Your newest angel,
Flying Joseph


And Joseph never stopped flying. He teaches hang gliding to disabled children now. You can often see God's newest angels flying overhead. Joseph finally touched the sky.

Hang glider

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Thunder & Steel

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