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Who We Are

Here you will find out who Thunder & Steel are.
and a little bit about us.

A little note about us
We have been together as Friends,Partners and
Boy-friend, Girl-friend for almost twelve months.


Behind the name Thunder is Tracy Cameron. An 18 yr. old, part native female. Who lives in British Columbia, Canada.


This is the Website that I'm in charge of.
But Thunder & Steel still work on it together.
Sister Site

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My Homepage


Behind the name Steel.
He is kind of a mysterious guy :)
Who lives Down Under.....(Australia)

Steel. My heart pounds like Thunder when we're together and when we're not,it's like the pitter patter of rain drops gently falling to the ground. Of all the things I would like to say about you, I come up with only three words......
I love you

The Mysterious Steel

This is where Steel works (part time).Thunder & Steel still
do the work together.

Thunder & Steel

Map of Australia
(A little secret,the arrow points
to about where Steel lives)

Written and designed by Thunder

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Thunder & Steel:

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