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Photo GPS Interface

anew.gif (4047 bytes) Photo GPS interface was mentioned in an article on WIRED's magazine May issue anew.gif (4047 bytes)

A new generation of digital cameras, is using Flashpoint's Digita OE,which gives the ability to the camera
to run scripts that allow you to enchase your photographs.
Kodak, among other digital camera developers has a family of cameras that are using Digita.

The Photo GPS interface allows you to connect your Kodak DC260/265 and DC290 cameras to ANY GPS and add coordinates and the  UTC time in your pictures.

The Photo GPS interface connects between the GPS and the camera, and continuously monitors and parses the NMEA data from the GPS. It responds to requests by the digital camera and provides formatted ASCII strings.

People have used
Photo GPS interface for a variety of tasks including

survying / research

aerial photography

photo archeiving

Holidays/landmark positioning

Photo GPS interface can be connected to ANY GPS that provides NMEA data, ranging from high accuracy DGPS' to the low cost Tripmate or ETrex

Photos taken using the
Photo GPS interface by Richard Mitchell

Kodak DC 260 script for the Photo GPS interface
Author :  Richard Mitchell

anew.gif (4047 bytes) Kodak DC 290 script for the Photo GPS interface anew.gif (4047 bytes)

Photo GPS interface
is available for sale
You can order by credit card ,using a secure order form 
(just click on the icon to go there) Box180.gif (17019 bytes)

If you are interested to write your own scripts or just to see more info on the commands Photo GPS interface accepts click here

Minolta has a camera (Dimage EX1500) who supports Digita scripting also, but unfortunately it does not have a watermark capability. As a result you can not embed the GPS info in the photo but it is still possible to use the Photo GPS interface and correlate the pictures you take with GPS coordinates.

The same is true for the HP500 which is the newest camera that is using the Digita OE

Work is in progress for more scripts and also an application for the DC290.


Last updated : 20/09/2000