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iRemote The intelligent Infrared camera remote control

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Now you can take pictures from a distance, remotely zoom in and out
and control your Digita enabled camera presentations using your tv's
remote control...

All these with the help of iRemote, the intelligent infrared remote control.

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iRemote uses the power of Digita scripts to control your camera from a distance.
Its compatible with the Kodak DC 260/265/ 290,  Minolta DImage and the
HP C-500 digital cameras.

iRemote provides a 360 degrees coverage as it is mounted on the camera using a special bracket allowing you to position it in the angle that is most suited to your needs.
The bracket allows you to mount the camera and the iRemote on a tripod.


Photo courtesy of Phil Williams  


iRemote comes with its own 3 button keyfob remote control, or can be controlled by an ordinary RC5 tv remote. 

The keyfob remote  has a range of approximately 30 meters and is ideal for outdoor use.
Photo courtesy of Phil Williams  


ir-showcap.gif (22897 bytes) A slide show application - IR-Show - is available for the Kodak DC290 that allows you to control your presentation using the iRemote


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