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The NMEA cruncher chip

What is it ?

Almost all new GPS receivers output NMEA data through an RS232 port
This allows the GPS to provide information to other devices ranging from notebooks and palmtops to complete vehicle location systems.
The NMEA contains a lot more info than latitude. longitude and speed and requires some parsing before it can be used.
The NMEA Cruncher does this automatically, hiding the NMEA specifics from the user.
It's a single chip solution based on Atmel's AVR that makes the integration of GPS data very easy.

Where can it be used ?

Vehicle tracking systems.
See the GSM alarm/pager tracker that uses the NMEA Cruncher to send GPS data using SMS messages

Pre-processing of GPS data in order to provide a user/application specific format

The NMEA Cruncher is used to interface ANY GPS to the Kodak DC-26x/290 digital cameras

Now you can print latitude, longitude and UTC time and date on your pictures !

GPS information display on LCD for GPS's without display (Tripmate etc)
Check the GPS LCD board with new software resulting in faster and better displayed info

With which GPS models it can work ?

It can accept NMEA data from any GPS
It can be configured to work with Tripmate, and initialize it properly

If I have a special need can it be customized  ?
The answer is yes, please contact me for more information


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