GSM Alarm Pager

The GSM_Logo.gif (1054 bytes) Alarm Pager is a device that allows you to receive SMS notification when an event trigers it.
This event can be a car alarm, a home security system or even the push of a simple switch.
It has 4 opto isolated inputs, whith the ability be individually programmed to send different SMS messages, depending on which input was activated, and thus allowing to be used in a multitude of applications.
The new vestion has also 3 outputs which allow you to switch on/off devices using SMS

As an option you can instal the NMEA Cruncher and get a number of GPS related information of the remote location (Latitude, Longitude, Speed etc)

The new vestion of GSM Alarm Pager is been tested with the following GSM phones

SiemensM1.gif (32428 bytes)Siemens M1 GSM module

The M1 is no longer in production. It has been replaced by M20 whith similar
functionality. Nevertheless a number of these devices is still availiable and are
a perfect match for the  GSM_Logo.gif (1054 bytes) Alarm Pager




                                            Ericsson GM12

                                          Its a similar GSM module to the M1

Ericsson SH888Ericsson SH888

Ericsson's data phone, with build in modem/and fax capabilities





At this time i am working on implementations of the  GSM_Logo.gif (1054 bytes) Alarm Pager for additional phones, so keep checking this page

If you require a custom application you can contact me at

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